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Older Projects

Page The Main Campus North Dining Room
The North Dining Room builds on the recent renovation of the adjacent Servery. ·Hunter College dedicated the resources necessary to create this versatile, high-visibility gathering space. ·It features a variety of modern architectural finishes, including an eating/computer bar that can accomodate laptops and glass walls providing ample natural lighting and sight lines. ·A state-of-the-art audio/visual system, wi-fi availability, outdoor seating, and comfortable modular furniture help to create a stimulating environment in which to dine, socialize or work.
Page 3-Kilowatt Solar Panel System
In November of 2011 technicians put the finishing touches on a 3-kilowatt photovoltaic panel array that sits atop the North Building of Hunter's Main Campus. The array consists of 17 panels, each with its own micro-inverter. The system feeds some surplus electricity back into Hunter's power grid, but will be used primarily as an educational tool.
Page The Gebbie Room at the Brookdale Campus
The Gebbie Room is a newly-modernized multipurpose learning space. Designed for versatility and flexibility, it can be a classroom, meeting room, or seminar room. Its enhanced "smart" features include a variety of information technology hardware.
Page The Experimental Psychology Teaching Laboratory
The Experimental Psychology Teaching Laboratory is outfitted with newly-renovated classroom space and state-of-the-art, one-way observation labs. Experimental Psychology is a core undergraduate requirement, and more Hunter undergrads choose Experimental Psychology as a major than any other major in the Arts & Sciences division. The lab is located in the North Building.
Page Thomas Hunter Hall Facade, Window and Roof Renovation
A $13,000,000 repair project on this century-old building, located in the heart of the prominent Upper East Side Historic District, was initiated in 2007 and is now complete. Years of neglect made it necessary to erect a sidewalk bridge around the base of the structure in 2005 for the protection of pedestrians. The stone work includes extensive repairs to the parapets and turrets. Approximately 340 deteriorating windows and window frames that were original to the building have been replaced with double-glazed, thermally efficient windows that conform to NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission standards. In addition, major repairs have been made to the original roof which will lead to significant heating and cooling efficiencies.
Page Thomas Hunter Hall Exterior Lighting
Following the $13,000,000 completion of the Thomas Hunter Hall facade, window and roof renovations, repairs have also been made to the exterior lighting of the building. The lights are currently not in use until further notice, but once displayed, the lighting will showcase the century-old building's landmarked architecture and highlight the details of the newly renovated facade.
Page Nutrition Lab Conversion at Brookdale
The former Nutrition Lab at the Brookdale campus has been converted to meet additional space needs for the expanding Nursing program. The program will now enjoy the use of a 1,359 square foot room, thanks to the efforts of the Hunter College Facilities staff that completed the work in-house.
Page Hunter College Campus Schools--New Student Lockers
Page Follett Bookstore
Construction is complete and the Hunter College bookstore has been relocated to the B1 Level of the west building. The move includes a newly designed and renovated bookstore with added features for students.
Page Central Air Conditioning Repair
Facilities Management and Planning has collaborated with various trades to re-establish central air conditioning to rooms 518 and 520 in the Thomas Hunter Hall building. These two classrooms were without adequate cooling for two years. This repair insures that full use will be made of these classrooms during the warmer summer months.
Page B3 Level Gym Renovation
The gym on the B3 level of the West Building hasundergone an important transformation, receiving a brand new, state-of-the-art floor and bleachers. The floor's underlayment is 'Nike Grind', from the company that makes Nike shoes. Nike Grind is a raw material made from recycled athletic shoes and Nike manufacturing scrap. Incorporating recycled materials in our renovation projects is in keeping with Hunter College's pledge to support and pursue sustainability-related efforts on and around our campuses.
Page The Autism Psychology Research Laboratory
This infancy-based research facility studies social and cognitive developments that occur in the first years of infancy through childhood. The location of the Autism Research Lab has been chosen due to its adjacency to similar, associated research laboratories. The facility features interview and testing rooms with one-way mirrors (to enable observation of child behaviors), waiting areas for parents and children, a restroom which accommodates small children and diaper-changing, a graduate student work area, and a new air conditioning system.
Page The Fish Psychology Research Laboratory
The Fish Psychology Research Laboratory conducts behavioral, endocrinological and neuroscientific research on various species of fish. A behavioral neuroscience research wing is also housed within this complex. Researchers there will study alcohol abuse and the molecular basis of memory in laboratory rodents.
Page The Bird Song Psychology Research Laboratory
This facility will be used to study mechanisms of vocal learning. Similar to early speech development in the human infant, the songbird learns to imitate complex sounds during a critical period of development. The laboratory will examine the animal behavior and dynamics of vocal learning and sound production across different brain levels, and aims to uncover the specific physiological and molecular (gene expression) brain processes that underlie song learning.
Page The Computer Science Research Laboratory, Conference Room and Offices
The laboratory, located in the North Building, will focus on stochastic discrete event process, simulation, theory and applications of automatic learning for optimization, queueing networks, weak convergence theory, probability theory and Markov decision processes.
Page ICIT Data Center HVAC Upgrade
The server room of the ICIT Data Center is the central nervous system of the College's technology infrastructure. The room that houses the servers must be kept cool and well ventilated at all times. An aging HVAC system which supplies the server room with cooled air was found to be inadequate in meeting the needs of the Data Center and has been replaced. This project was done in multiple stages, involving removal of the equipment shown below and subsequent installation of a robust, new HVAC system with increased capacity, reliability and efficiency.
Page Testing Center Upgrades--North Building Mezzanine
The testing Center located on the first floor of the North Building has recently experienced some new changes. Six offices have been converted to three, along with the construction of a new reception area. These new offices have enabled Hunter to repurpose space for faculty offices for the Psychology, Chemistry, and Physics Departments. This new configuration has also enabled the relocation of a Physics teaching laboratory to the mezzanine level.
Page Bursar Space Improvement
The Bursar's Office received a physical upgrade to its work space. ·By co-locating the Financial Aid Processing unit to the same space, the upgrade is intended to provide improved service to students.
Page Center for Advanced Research of Spatial Information (CARSI) Upgrade
Page Anthropology Room Upgrade
Facilities provided a major facelift to an Anthropology space in 700 North which was in dire need of upgrading. The space was readied for the Fall 2012 semester.
Page Silberman Building: Server Room Cooling & Power Redundancy
Engineers and electricians continue to work with ICIT staff in an effort to provide backup cooling capacity to the server room at the 119th Street campus to ensure uninterrupted operation of servers. This upgrade will also allow the College to take advantage of pending CUNY connectivity upgrades which will lead to enhanced data transmission.
Page Hunter College Campus Schools--Ron Brown Playground Repairs
The photographs below show repairs that were made to the playground. ·These repairs were an important priority of the Campus Schools administration.
Page Retail Food Service at The Silberman School of Social Work
Harlem Gourmet Cafe, offering Creole cuisine, is pictured below. The retail build-out of this space provides additional food alternatives for the School of Social Work community and its neighbors.
Page Cool Roofs
Hunter College is a partner with the Mayor's Office as part of NYC's Cool Roofs initiative. This project helps mitigate the "heat island effect" in our city and decreases unwanted heat load inside the buildings that receive the cool roofs, helping to decrease the amount of air conditioning needed to cool these buildings on hot and sunny days. A paint that is specially formulated to deflect the heat of the sun is applied to traditional, black tar-coated roofs. Hunter College's Main Campus was chosen by the Mayor's Office to kick off the 2013 Cool Roofs season (see pictures below). Hunter's K - 12 school also received a cool roof (see even more pictures below).
Page Leon and Toby Cooperman Library, Third Floor
The Leon and Toby Cooperman Library at Hunter College consists of 125,000 square feet over nine floors. It serves more than 20,000 students and faculty. Originally designed to accommodate 9,000 students, it was built over 30 years ago and no longer meets the College's academic needs. A phased capital renovation of the Library is now underway, which will include upgrades to the HVAC systems, lighting, architectural finishes, space reprogramming, installation of condensed shelving, and outfitting of furniture and equipment--all to reestablish this space as a first-class destination for students and faculty. The first phase of the project, encompassing the Library's third floor, was completed in mid-October of 2013. The third floor continues to serve as the main entry. It has been transformed into a state-of-the-art "information commons," fully loaded with workstations, networked printers, wired and wireless connectivity, digital wayfinding, informational monitors, and self-check outs. Most importantly, this floor of the Library provides greatly increased student reading, study and collaboration space.
Page MFA Program, 205 Hudson Street--Studio, Classroom and Gallery Space
Hunter has collaborated with CUNY, Trinity Real Estate, and their architect Mancini Duffy to create a new state-of-the-art studio, classroom and gallery space for the Master of Fine Arts Program. Construction is complete, and Hunter's MFA program moved into the space in the summer of 2013. As of the start of the fall 2013 semester, students and staff are taking full advantage of all that this facility has to offer.
Page Brookdale Campus: Post-Superstorm Sandy Renovations
The Hunter Facilities department has been working diligently to insure a speedy recovery from flooding damage the Brookdale Campus sustained during Superstorm Sandy. The photos contained on this page show various aspects of the work involved.
Page Campus Schools Wall Divider Replacement
Campus Schools instructors welcomed this upgrade, as a project to replace aging classroom wall dividers was recently completed. The dividers ensure that spaces within the School remain versatile and can serve a variety of purposes.
Page Campus Schools Fire Door Replacement
New "smoke stop" doors are expected to be installed during Winter Break 2014.
Page Water Bottle Filling Stations
Hands-free water bottle filling stations are all over our campuses, and they're a hit with our community! They make it easier than ever for our students, faculty and staff to use refillable containers, and they help keep tons of plastic bottles out of the municipal waste stream every year. The Office of Facilities, Planning & Management has installed these stations at the Main Campus, the Brookdale Campus, and at the Hunter College Campus Schools, and have installed a total of 26 on our campuses.
Page Loewe Plaza, Refreshed
In time for the spring and summer weather, Loewe Plaza, outside the entrance to the Kaye Playhouse, has a new and verdant look. In addition to colorful, attractive plantings, the Plaza sports a new wheelchair-accessible ramp, railings, and sidewalk lights. Come out and enjoy the peacefulness of the Plaza!
Page The Chemistry Research Laboratory
The Chemistry Research Laboratory houses a program that investigates the unique and potentially therapeutic properties of venom found in certain marine creatures and its possible effects on certain elements of the nervous system.
Page Dormitory Rooms at the Brookdale Campus
Renovation of a series of dorm rooms took place at the Brookdale Campus in the spring of 2012. Work included renovation of shower and restroom spaces.
Page Campus Schools: Stairwell Painting
Stairwell C at Campus Schools received a fresh new coat of paint over winter break 2013. Looking good!
Page Student Club Lockers
Newly-installed banks of lockers on the 3rd floor of Thomas Hunter Hall will provide a secure environment for equipment that Hunter's student clubs often have a need to utilize---audio-visual equipment or office equipment, for example.
Page Campus Schools: Elevator Reconstruction
Hunter College Campus Schools elevator reconstruction is complete! This project was a renovation of a single elevator that is original to the Campus Schools building. Funding for this project was provided by CUNY and DASNY.
Page The Roosevelt House Facade, Illuminated in Observance of World Autism Awareness Day 2014
Around the world, April 2 is designated as World Autism Awareness Day. As pictured below, Hunter College shows its support in bringing awareness to autism issues.
Page Roof & Terrace, West Building
This project addressed much-needed repair to prevent rainwater leaking into the emergency stairwell and 7th floor auditorium of the West Building. First steps in this project included removing a layer of ballast stone and removing the deck area. An added bonus to the finished product was replacement of the traditional ballast-stone roofing with a smooth, heat-deflecting roof. In addition to helping reduce the heat load on the West Building in the warmer weather months, this environmentally-minded "cool roof" feature enables Hunter to do its part in helping to reduce the City's overall "heat island effect". This effort adds even more square footage to the cool roofs that Hunter received in the summer of 2013. You can read more about Hunter's cool roofs by visiting this website:
Page Campus Schools: Elementary Grades Library Renovation
Page MFA Program, 205 Hudson Street: Gallery & Studio Build-Out
Hunter’s new MFA facility at 205 Hudson Street includes a 5,000-square-foot, street-level gallery that was completed in 2014. This unique space consists of two levels connected by a stair and lift, as well as a dedicated elevator that links the gallery with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, where the MFA program resides. A dedicated entrance directly on Canal Street ensures that this gallery grabs a great deal of attention.
Page Student Services Spaces
Spaces on the 11th floor of the East Building are being subdivided to enable staff to improve operations for Student Services.
Page Lecture Hall 714 West
As one of the largest and most intensively-used spaces on Hunter's campus, this lecture hall recently received the well-deserved makeover that it has long awaited. It underwent an extensive, dual-phase renovation. The first phase took place over several weeks during the summer of 2014. During this phase, the hall received lighting and aesthetic upgrades, a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, sound-damping, fire safety work, and replacement of doors and door hardware. The second phase of this renovation included installation of new flooring and complete replacement of its auditorium-style seating, and was completed in time for students to enjoy the improvements on their first day of Spring semester 2015 classes.
Page Library, B2 Level
Modernization of Hunter's main library is one of the College's signature projects. The B2 level has been renovated to contain state-of-the-art, high-density shelving and new flooring. The innovative shelving arrangement initiated a location shift of the entire circulating collection, and materials are now easier than ever for students to find. Collections are arranged to flow in logical, intuitive sequencing. Images below portray the progress of this project.
Page Broadcast Media Lab
Opened in late 2014, the students of the Film and Media Department are now able to use the new and improved television production studio located in HN436. Having a television studio provides a space where students can utilize multi-camera video to create TV programming like soap operas, situation comedies, or talk shows. The new facility includes three HD cameras each with their own teleprompters, the ability to use Chroma-key on all the walls of the studio, and a video mixer that eliminates the need to manually switch wires. One of the most significant updates to the facility is the conversion from analog to digital production equipment and software. Though this is a Film/Media facility, this space is open to the Hunter community, and is also available for rent for TV production needs.
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