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Recently Completed Projects

Page The Chemistry Research Laboratory
The Chemistry Research Laboratory houses a program that investigates the unique and potentially therapeutic properties of venom found in certain marine creatures and its possible effects on certain elements of the nervous system.
Page Dormitory Rooms at the Brookdale Campus
Renovation of a series of dorm rooms took place at the Brookdale Campus in the spring of 2012. Work included renovation of shower and restroom spaces.
Page Campus Schools: Stairwell Painting
Stairwell C at Campus Schools received a fresh new coat of paint over winter break 2013. Looking good!
Page Student Club Lockers
Newly-installed banks of lockers on the 3rd floor of Thomas Hunter Hall will provide a secure environment for equipment that Hunter's student clubs often have a need to utilize---audio-visual equipment or office equipment, for example.
Page Campus Schools: Elevator Reconstruction
Hunter College Campus Schools elevator reconstruction is complete! This project was a renovation of a single elevator that is original to the Campus Schools building. Funding for this project was provided by CUNY and DASNY.
Page The Roosevelt House Facade, Illuminated in Observance of World Autism Awareness Day 2014
Around the world, April 2 is designated as World Autism Awareness Day. As pictured below, Hunter College shows its support in bringing awareness to autism issues.
Page Hunter College Featured in Latest Annual Edition of The Princeton Review's Guide to 332 Green Colleges
A wide variety of groups are instrumental in advancing Hunter College's stated mission of being a "green" campus. The Office of Facilities Management & Planning is pleased to be among the stakeholders in the campus community whose efforts were important in gaining Hunter an entry in the Guide to Green Colleges.
Page Roof & Terrace, West Building
This project addressed much-needed repair to prevent rainwater leaking into the emergency stairwell and 7th floor auditorium of the West Building. First steps in this project included removing a layer of ballast stone and removing the deck area. An added bonus to the finished product was replacement of the traditional ballast-stone roofing with a smooth, heat-deflecting roof. In addition to helping reduce the heat load on the West Building in the warmer weather months, this environmentally-minded "cool roof" feature enables Hunter to do its part in helping to reduce the City's overall "heat island effect". This effort adds even more square footage to the cool roofs that Hunter received in the summer of 2013. You can read more about Hunter's cool roofs by visiting this website:
Page Campus Schools: Elementary Grades Library Renovation
Page MFA Program, 205 Hudson Street: Gallery & Studio Build-Out
Hunter’s new MFA facility at 205 Hudson Street includes a 5,000-square-foot, street-level gallery that was completed in 2014. This unique space consists of two levels connected by a stair and lift, as well as a dedicated elevator that links the gallery with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, where the MFA program resides. A dedicated entrance directly on Canal Street ensures that this gallery grabs a great deal of attention.
Page Student Services Spaces
Spaces on the 11th floor of the East Building are being subdivided to enable staff to improve operations for Student Services.
Page Lecture Hall 714 West
As one of the largest and most intensively-used spaces on Hunter's campus, this lecture hall recently received the well-deserved makeover that it has long awaited. It underwent an extensive, dual-phase renovation. The first phase took place over several weeks during the summer of 2014. During this phase, the hall received lighting and aesthetic upgrades, a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, sound-damping, fire safety work, and replacement of doors and door hardware. The second phase of this renovation included installation of new flooring and complete replacement of its auditorium-style seating, and was completed in time for students to enjoy the improvements on their first day of Spring semester 2015 classes.
Page Library, B2 Level
Modernization of Hunter's main library is one of the College's signature projects. The B2 level has been renovated to contain state-of-the-art, high-density shelving and new flooring. The innovative shelving arrangement initiated a location shift of the entire circulating collection, and materials are now easier than ever for students to find. Collections are arranged to flow in logical, intuitive sequencing. Images below portray the progress of this project.
Page Broadcast Media Lab
Opened in late 2014, the students of the Film and Media Department are now able to use the new and improved television production studio located in HN436. Having a television studio provides a space where students can utilize multi-camera video to create TV programming like soap operas, situation comedies, or talk shows. The new facility includes three HD cameras each with their own teleprompters, the ability to use Chroma-key on all the walls of the studio, and a video mixer that eliminates the need to manually switch wires. One of the most significant updates to the facility is the conversion from analog to digital production equipment and software. Though this is a Film/Media facility, this space is open to the Hunter community, and is also available for rent for TV production needs.
Page Campus Schools: Playground Renovation
A renovation funded by local elected officials is complete at Campus Schools. The project involved demolition of the old playground surface and a complete resurfacing. The surface was graded, and a combination of artificial turf and blacktop was then installed.
Page East Building Escalator Replacement
The escalators that serve the East Building have been in continuous operation since the building became operational in 1984, and had reached the end of their useful lives. The College, in partnership with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York and CUNY, began the complex process of replacing these escalators in September 2014. The work concluded just prior to the start of the fall 2015 semester. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW PROGRESS PICTURES OF THE EAST BUILDING ESCALATOR REPLACEMENT.
Page Lecture Hall 615 West
Akin to the recent makeover of Lecture Hall 714 West one floor above it, Lecture Hall 615 West is a large and much-used space that was in need of renovation. This space was outfitted with new flooring, seating, a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, high-efficiency, variable-configuration lighting, as well as cosmetic finishes. The work was completed before the start of fall semester 2015 classes.
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