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Leon and Toby Cooperman Library, Third Floor

The Leon and Toby Cooperman Library at Hunter College consists of 125,000 square feet over nine floors. It serves more than 20,000 students and faculty. Originally designed to accommodate 9,000 students, it was built over 30 years ago and no longer meets the College's academic needs. A phased capital renovation of the Library is now underway, which will include upgrades to the HVAC systems, lighting, architectural finishes, space reprogramming, installation of condensed shelving, and outfitting of furniture and equipment--all to reestablish this space as a first-class destination for students and faculty. The first phase of the project, encompassing the Library's third floor, was completed in mid-October of 2013. The third floor continues to serve as the main entry. It has been transformed into a state-of-the-art "information commons," fully loaded with workstations, networked printers, wired and wireless connectivity, digital wayfinding, informational monitors, and self-check outs. Most importantly, this floor of the Library provides greatly increased student reading, study and collaboration space.


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Below, Artist Renderings, L to R:
Reading Room; Information Commons Area; Semi-Private Study Area


Below:  Third Floor furniture plan

library desk
Library checkout desk being installed. (Photo added on 5/10/13.)
library progress
More progress! (Photo added on 5/10/13.)
Getting ready to put the floor down. (Photo added on 4/2/13)
The flooring plan for the 3rd floor. (Photo added 5/10/13.)
Directional signage, embedded in the flooring, within the Library. (Photo added on 4/2/13)
Colored pathways, so you won't get lost on the 3rd floor....
Study hall lounge ceiling and lights in place. (Photo added 5/10/13.)
Photo taken from the vantage of the Information Commons desk, looking toward the Library's entrance. The interior elevator lobby has been removed and the floor is prepped to receive carpet. (Photo added on 4/2/13)
A column finished out in wood. (Photo added 5/10/13.)
Metal ceiling installation. (Image added 4/1/13)
Installation of metal ceiling. (Image added 4/1/13)
Component--metal ceiling installation. (Image added 4/1/13)
Study hall area flooring going down. (Photo added 5/10/13.)
Lighting being installed in Library offices. (Image added 4/1/13)
Ceiling finish over the Reserve Desk area. (Image added 4/1/13)
"Connectrac" conduit track is trenched into the floor of the area that will become the Commons. This conduit system conceals data wiring that will run through furniture placed on top of the track. (Image added 4/1/13)
Ceiling finish work in the Information Commons area. (Image added 4/1/13)
connectrac wiring
Connectrac system: wiring routed through the flooring. (Photo added 5/10/13.)
Ceiling construction. (Image added 4/1/13)
Ceiling construction. (Image added 4/1/13)
New entry/exit construction. (Image added 4/1/13)
Finished ceiling pieces, to be used in construction of the Student Study Area. (Photo posted on 3/6/13)


Electricians and data wiring consultants are installing approximately 10 miles of data wiring that will serve the 3rd Floor of the Library. (Photo posted on 3/6/13)


Progress continues on the Information Commons desk: The overhead ceiling as it comes into form. (Photo added on 2/26/13)
The demising wall and curved ceiling for the Study Hall area take shape. (Photo added 2/26/13)

2/1/13:  Below--latest progress.


1/2/2013:  3rd floor work and progress, during winter break


12/3/12: New duct, lighting boxes and conduit work in the 3rd floor library



12/3/12: Work taking place in the 3rd floor library study area 



12/3/12: Work taking place in the 3rd floor commons and reception area



LOCATION:  Main Campus, East Building


FUNDING:  Private Funding/NYC Capital Funding

PROGRESS UPDATE:  This important renovation began in late summer 2012 and is expected to be completed in April 2013.  Current construction activity includes framing, electrical, ductwork, and other related elements.  This work is all being performed while the library remains operational.  Prior to the construction, Hunter staff orchestrated many internal changes, including relocating much of the library collection, preparing new office and work space for essential library functions, and performing a significant amount of demolition work in order to expose building infrastructure to ensure that potential bidders could obtain a clean look at the project, as well as to enable the architect, Calvert Wright Architecture, to produce drawings as accurate as possible.  During this phase of construction, the main entrance of the library has been relocated to the 7th floor, in an effort to distance staff and patrons from construction, and to expedite the project.

The image below portrays the 3rd floor library space after demolition: Space for future study area.





The images below portray demolition work that is currently underway, in preparation for renovation of the third floor library space.





Check Back For Updated Progress and Photographs!

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