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  Participant organizations in the LACS/GALCI Summer Internships have included:

  Ianna Wilson Owens (2005) and Beatrice Dorsaint (2004) with the Centre for Gender and Development Studies of the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago

 Julio Mora (2004) and Anais Surkin (2004) with Fundación Melassa in the Dominican Republic

 Cynthia Carrion with Centro de Mujeres Afro-Costarricenses in Costa Rica (2001)

  Michele McKenzie with the Commission on Pan-African Affairs, Barbados (2001)

LACS/GALCI students are placed in community-based organizations focused on empowering African descendant communities. The interns work within the assigned organization as an assistant to the executive staff assisting in the development and implementation of the ongoing projects of the host institution. Community based organizations participating in this exciting internship are multidisciplinary: working on educational, health, social inclusion and public policy concerns of their communities. Interns are exposed to a wide range of learning experiences and have the opportunity to contribute to the stability of African descendant communities.



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