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Sponsorship Program


Hongmian Gong, Ph.D.


GEP Associate

Associate Professor: Department of Geography, Hunter College - CUNY



1050 Hunter North
(212) 772-4658
Research Interests: Urban geography, economic geography, geographic information systems, quantitative analysis, China
Current Research:

Public library use in New York City
We go beyond the demographic, economic, and cultural characteristics of library users typically studied in traditional library research and relate social capital and residential segregation in neighborhoods to the circulation of 200 public libraries in New York City.

Help supply services in the U.S.
Help supply services has been the fastest growing industry in the U.S. and other advanced economies.  My recent research found that these services are decentralizing from central cities to suburbs and neighboring rural areas in the U.S. South.  In current research, this finding is tested in the whole U.S. and Upper Manhattan and Southwest Bronx are chosen for a case study to evaluate the impact of this decentralization on the job opportunity of inner-city urban poor in temporary help services.

Impact of September 11 on the suburbanization of financial services in Lower Manhattan
This research evaluate the past suburbanization trend of financial services, the acceleration of the trend after September 11, and the effectiveness of government programs in keeping financial services in Lower Manhattan.  Existing data such as County Business Patterns and surveys of financial service firms will be the primary data sources for the evaluation.



Essential Background Knowledge and Skills:
Excellent communication skills are essential.  Knowledge and experience of help supply service firms or financial service firms as well as interview and survey skills are desirable.