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How to use the tutorials

The tutorials are designed as slides with voice-over narration.  The narration will start automatically with each slide.  You may stop the narration by clicking on the mute icon at the bottom right corner of the frame.

Those using slower dialup connections may wish to bypass the narration altogether. Transcripts for each tutorial can be downloaded below; to bypass the narration, simply click on the link called "bypass narration". You can print out a transcript of the narration and read it as you look at each slide.

You may skip to various points in the presentation by clicking on the outline icon at the botton right corner of the frame. At any time, you can view the outline and click on whatever slide interests you. 

You can view a tutorial by yourself or with a group of other people.  Some students have told us they have viewed the tutorials in a group, and have stopped after many slides to discuss the material.