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Train for a World of Nonfiction Transmedia Storytelling

Our program is designed to prepare students to become exceptional nonfiction storytellers who excel in today's media landscape. Students have entered the program from a myriad of experiences. including visual arts, film production, journalism, sociology, anthropology, documentary film, photography, animation, writing, dance, music, performance art and education.


The community of students represents a wide range of interests, nationalities, ages and backgrounds.

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Fall Open: February 15th

Fall Close: April 1st

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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Media Making

The IMA Program offers a flexible program of study that disposes of the increasingly outmoded divisions found in many other MFA programs that force students to choose between tracks. IMA students do not have to apply for and adhere to a limited track or silo themselves by discipline. Instead, they explore a wide array of media forms and formats. Our open and expansive ethos helps shape well rounded, versatile artists who work across the media landscape, bounded only by imagination and technology.

Focus on Making Media Matter

With its focus on social engagement, IMA equips students to speak with substance about real world issues. We cultivate the fertile creative ground at the intersection of personal artistic expression and socially justice media making designed to impact our culture and communities. The IMA concerns itself with the relationship between artists and society, and with all the ways that art can strengthen communities by encouraging participation, dialogue, and debate.

IMA projects that embrace different platforms and disciplines share a common cause to create media that positively impacts our world. These broad social concerns couple with storytelling methods to form the bedrock of our inclusive approach to non-fiction media..

Flexibility of Schedule to Fit Your Life

The IMA supports part time students so they can proceed through program at their own pace. More than 50% of our students choose the part time option, taking advantage of our night and weekend course offerings to accommodate their busy schedules. While other MFA Programs only accept full time students, part time students add to the diversity of experience that propels the IMA’s vibrant community of artists and activists. Many of our part time students work full time in the media industry, in arts organizations, and in education, which enriches their contribution to the classroom, while the IMA contributes to their professional develooment.

Great Training for Educators

Because we offer a terminal degree, many IMA students come to graduate school to pursue an academic career. And we deliver. In the last few years, twelve IMA graduates garnered tenure track jobs, with many more successfully teaching in a wide array of capacities. Our teaching mentorship program helps our students develop an effective teaching practice. More than 60% of our students have the opportunity to teach a course or serve as a lab instructor or TA, giving them valuable teaching experience and income.

Selection of Innovative Courses

The IMA’s agile curriculum provides students with the tools and techniques of documentary and emerging media, through a synthesis of theory and practice and a grounding in cross modal storytelling principles. Production and analytical courses explore documentary, experimental, and hybrid forms, augmented and virtual reality, physical computing, interactive installations, web and social media, animation, gaming, and narrative, non-linear, and spatial storytelling. Our inventive 1-credit courses invite a broad spectrum of artists and professionals to teach intensive weekend and weeklong workshops focused on technical skills, creative exploration, and interdisciplinary collaboration. IMA collaborative courses chart the intersection of media and policy with Hunter graduate programs in urban planning, public health, and public policy and forge creative connections with Hunter’s MFA programs in art, theater, and dance.

A Vibrant Community Beyond Classroom

Connecting our students with New York’s arts and media hub, the IMA regularly hosts visiting artists and industry professionals for screenings, performances, and workshops. Drawing acclaimed participants from around the world, the IMA’s annual Codes and Modes conference investigates cutting edge topics in non-fiction media. The IMA supplements this robust non-credit programming with technical micro-workshops that expand our students’ media tool kit. Our student organization EYEspeak sponsors visiting artists, skill shares, and industry events. And we present events like Life After IMA that fuel our flourishing alumni community of collaborators and connectors.