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Graduate students in Hunter College's MFA Integrated Media Arts program come from a wide array of backgrounds and varied life experience. Our program, and Hunter College in general, has always been proud to empower diverse voices to reach deeper into the social conversation and to become leaders in the intellectual, social and emotional development of their students.

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Tom, Integrated Media Arts

I enjoy filming observational subject matter and subtle ways of communication. Action, body language, and the way people interact with each other without directly acknowledging each other or addressing the camera. I'm looking for different kinds of movements or actions that are repetitive, and then creating a narrative around just motion. I have lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn most of my life, and most of my films take place here. I made a short about this after-school program in Polish folk dancing at one of the last Catholic schools. The way this instructor works with the children is interesting because it's just like an old Catholic way of education: a little bit abrasive at times, but it's actually loving in a lot of ways. I shot over six weeks. I went there every week and shot the same the rehearsals of two different groups doing the same pieces. I cut it together as though it were one rehearsal. Surprisingly, it got into AFI Docs and True/False Festival so far. They're like hoity-toity festivals.