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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a profession that applies the scientific knowledge of learning to helping people. Applied behavior analysts work with individuals ranging in age from infancy through adulthood and old age in settings that include schools, homes, day programs, communities, residential care settings, businesses and research laboratories. The master’s degree and advanced certificate programs in applied behavior analysis at Hunter College includes an emphasis on applications of behavior analysis to individuals with autism. The ABA program will prepare students to develop, deliver, and evaluate the effectiveness of applied behavior analytic intervention for learners with autism. The master’s degree and advanced certificate programs are approved by New York State and our coursework is approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board®. The master’s degree program is license qualifying in New York and graduates are eligible to register for the ABA License exam.

The mission of the Applied Behavior Analysis Program at Hunter College is to prepare professionals to conduct applied behavior analytic interventions for the benefit of individuals with autism and to conduct original research designed to expand the scientific knowledge base of behavior analytic autism intervention.


Our students belong to a vibrant and diverse academic community that goes on to serve schools and agencies throughout New York City.

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February 1
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March 15
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October 15*

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Distance Learning Option

Students enrolled in distance learning attend class using internet-based courseware in the same classes as on-campus students. The resulting distance learning experience duplicates, to the extent possible, the group experience of attending class and the personal interaction with both other students and course instructors. This personalized experience provides direct and ongoing interaction opportunities that maximize students' opportunities to fully participate in the Applied Behavior Analysis Program. It is important to note that the ABA program's distance learning program is synchronous and not self-paced. Students enrolled in distance learning attend and participate in class using courseware at the scheduled class times. Students will also complete each of course projects, quizzes, and exams at the scheduled time with the other members of their class. Written assignments are transmitted electronically and quizzes and exams are given online. These procedures are designed to insure the highest level of academic rigor in both classroom and distance learning.

The Hunter College Autism Research Policy and Practice (HARPP)

The center works to support the needs of children in public and private New York City schools, as well as adults who have autism spectrum disorder, by training intervention professionals, conducting and disseminating research, and creating outreach programs that serve a cross section of individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder. The HARPP Center aims to formulate a comprehensive and dedicated effort to support this special and deserving population of NYC children, adults, and their families.