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How to Register

All newly accepted graduate degree students must submit a non-refundable, non-deferrable commitment deposit of $250 (USD) to reserve their space in the graduate program, claim CUNYfirst account in order to register for courses, etc. The commitment deposit is not a separate fee, and it will be credited towards the student's first semester tuition charges. Commitment deposits are due three weeks from the date on the official acceptance letter. Please note: It takes an average of five (5) business days from the date Commitment Deposit fees are processed in order to claim CUNYfirst accounts.

Claim a CUNYfirst Account

Registration is done only online via the CUNYfirst student system. You must claim your CUNYfirst account in order to obtain access to the CUNYfirst system. *If you have previously applied to/attended a CUNY institution, and/or used the CUNYfirst system, you do not need to claim/create another CUNYfirst account.

For step-by-step instructions on how to claim your CUNYfirst account, please visit the CUNYfirst section of the Hunter College website. Once you claim your account, write down both your CUNYfirst ID (8-digit EMPLID) and log-in (username and password) information. You will need to know your EMPLID when seeing an advisor to obtain course approval/permission, etc.


Student Help Desk

Need help claiming your CUNYfirst account/registering for courses? You may stop by or contact the Student Help Desk at Hunter College.


When Can I Register for Classes?

How to View Enrollment Appointment


How Do I Register for Classes?

Click here for more information on Registering for Classes


Where Can I see the Schedule of Classes?

Search for current Schedule of Classes via CUNYfirst


Additional Registration Information

Registration Information, Cancellation and Enrollment Policy, Payment Calendar etc.


Academic Calendar

Current Academic Calender



Virtual Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 10AM - 5PM

Friday 10AM - 3PM

*Due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, the graduate admissions team is working remotely

Please direct all inquiries via:

Telephone: (212) 396-6049


Please follow the Hunter College website for additional college closings

CUNY's COVID-19 response

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