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How to Apply & Eligibility Requirements


To apply to this program, applicants must have:

1. NYS teacher certification (If it is initial certification and will expire in the coming year, then applicants must indicate when they plan to get professional certification). If you are finishing a Masters program and will be receiving certification after the application deadline, then contact Dr. Elissa Brown (see contact info below).

2. A Masters in Education (We sometimes accept Masters in Literacy and Educational Technology if the applicant has taken a course in human development and in a special population).  Contact Dr. Brown for clarification:  Ph. 212.772-4618.

If you don't have a Masters yet, you may apply if you have 15 graduate credit hours in education. You must also have the two courses indicated above.

3. Undergraduate GPA = 2.8+

4. Graduate GPA = 3.5+

Matriculation Applicants

To take any courses in the Summer Institute or during the academic year, individuals must matriculate into the program. The candidate must submit an online application the semester before s/he wishes to enroll. If s/he wishes to enroll in the Summer Institute or apply for Fall 2014, s/he must fill out the application that reads "Fall 2014" because there is not a separate application for the summer.  If the applicant is accepted, then s/he may elect to take all four courses in the summer preceding Fall 2014 and graduate.  Accepted students may alternatively take zero to three courses in the summer or opt to start in the fall.

Graduate Admissions requires official undergraduate and graduate transcripts from every college/university that the applicant has ever attended, regardless of whether the student has matriculated there or received a degree. The transcripts may be mailed or delivered in person to Graduate Admissions in Room 223 North. Apply early in the semester to assure that your supporting documents arrive in time. We cannot review applications without all of the candidate's documents.


Click here for information on the full graduate admissions application process.

 We do NOT accept non-matriculated students.  Individuals cannot take any gifted education courses unless they apply to, and are accepted by, the Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education program.


New deadline for Summer/Fall 2014 is April 1, 2014

It is strongly recommended that all of the applicant's official transcripts are submitted by the due date, but they can be submitted by April 6.  This will, however, slow down the process of the admissions decision, and the candidate may hear much later than other students.  Instructions about recommendations are in the online application.

Please note:  

  1. No documents should be mailed directly to Dr. Brown, the Program Coordinator, for the matriculation application. All materials must be submitted to Graduate Admissions.
  2. A candidate may submit an unfinished online application multiple times until it is ready for a final submission. By doing so, the candidate is visible to the Program Coordinator who can then keep abreast of the applicant's progress. Please be sure to contact Dr. Brown when you begin your application. See contact info above.


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