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Jenny Jaskey - Mousse Magazine

  • Posted by shollars
  • Published: Feb 21, 2014

LANE RELYEA with Katy Siegel

  • Posted by shollars
  • Published: Feb 06, 2014

CUNY TV- Amy Cheng, Susan Crile, Robert Hickman, Jenny Jaskey, & Lucy McKenze

This month, we delve into the visual arts. We’re going to look at painter, photographers, installation artists, even a pop-up art shop. First up, we’ll look at a recreation of a Brazilian favela at Queens College created by Brazilian artists with a help from Queens College students. Next we’ll look at paintings by Susan Crile, whose work straddles the boundary between beauty and horror. We’ll then look at Rodolfo Caballero’s stunning photos of rural Mexico and the people who live and work there. We’ll look at an exhibtion on view at the James Gallery, go down into the subway systems to look at the MTA arts for transit program, and look at a pop-up art event on the Lower East Side.

  • Posted by shollars
  • Published: Jan 10, 2014
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