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Sustainability-Related Coursework @ Hunter

Below are some of the courses Hunter offers that will leave you sustainability savvy. 
Course offerings vary by semester. Contact the appropriate departmental office for details.
This course listing is updated from time to time. Check back often.

Department: Geography

See departmental website for various sustainability-related courses and minors.

Departments: Urban Public Health / Urban Affairs & Planning

EOHS 770.15  Sustainability, Green Buildings and Health

Department: Macaulay Honors College

CHC 200 CUNY Seminar III: Science and Technology New York City, Nature and a Sustainable City
The objective for this course is to give each student an understanding of NYC’s natural environment, a working knowledge of the major urban systems that make living in NYC possible, healthy and enjoyable, and the relation of those systems to the sustainability of the City.


Department: Urban Affairs & Planning

URBP 734 Environmental Planning
Study of current and emerging issues in controlling and preventing environmental degradation. Emphasis on administrative and political considerations.

URBP 735 Law of Environmental Planning
Examination of legal aspects of environmental protection and methods of public intervention. Study of role of law in formulation and implementation of environmental public policy.

URBP 736 Energy Planning and Policy Seminar
Introduction to conceptual and operational aspects of plans and policies promoting the efficient use of energy in urban communities. Review of national and global energy markets and appropriate responses in transportation, housing, land use and related areas.


Department: Political Science

POLSC 244(W) Energy & Environmental Politics & Public Policy
Examination of political processes and public policies shaping energy production and consumption in the U.S. with comparative reference to other countries. Emphasis on political, economic, social, environmental and foreign policy aspects.
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The HCSC is an outgrowth of PlaNYC 2030, as is Hunter's participation in the "30 in 10" Challenge. PlaNYC 2030 is the Bloomberg administration's comprehensive vision for New York's growth through 2030. Explore PlaNYC 2030.



Have you ever wondered how many greenhouse gas emissions your household's activities generate? Or how many your car generates? The United States Environmental Protection Agency has designed a Personal Emissions Calculator and an Automobile Emissions Calculator that are easy to use, and can offer insight into ways to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve energy and resources.

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