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Hunter Reuses


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Hand-Me-Down.  Hunter's Athletics department recently acquired a new passenger van to transport its sports teams to competition venues, as a replacement for one of its older vans.  Rather than discard the older van, the decision was made to extend its life--handing it over to Hunter's Facilities department, who will make good use of it for several years to come.



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We're Floored.  On several of its campuses, Hunter carpets its floors with carpet tiles instead of with roll carpet. The tiles are 20-inch squares.  When areas of the carpet become worn or stained, only the affected tiles need to be removed and replaced--rather than the entire carpet--reducing the amount of carpet discarded into the waste stream.  There are additional benefits:  The carpet tiles are made with low volatile organic compounds, do not require toxic adhesives, are made of recycled content, and the company that manufactures them will take back all used or unused tiles and recycle them for us.

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The HCSC is an outgrowth of PlaNYC 2030, as is Hunter's participation in the "30 in 10" Challenge. PlaNYC 2030 is the Bloomberg administration's comprehensive vision for New York's growth through 2030. Explore PlaNYC 2030.



Have you ever wondered how many greenhouse gas emissions your household's activities generate? Or how many your car generates? The United States Environmental Protection Agency has designed a Personal Emissions Calculator and an Automobile Emissions Calculator that are easy to use, and can offer insight into ways to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve energy and resources.

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