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Our Focus...


• expand campus-wide recycling options •
• promote lower consumption practices •
• increase diversion rate •


Key Achievements...



Since 2008, household batteries are accepted at all of Hunter's campuses


Our Practices...

Universal and E-Waste Collection:

  • Hunter's Facilities and Environmental, Health, and Safety Departments re-accept all College-owned monitors, computer components, and other electronic devices to prevent e-waste dumping in landfills and prevent subsequent leakage of such devices' toxic chemicals and acids from leaching into disposal sites.  A private collection hauler is used to ensure items are responsibly recycled.

Battery Recycling:

  • Collection tubes are strategically placed around campus to accept old household batteries -- When batteries are thrown into the garbage, they usually end up in landfills.  The caustic acids they contain can leak out and leach into the soil and water table. -- providing drop-off points for battery recycling is a welcome addition to Hunter's sustainability effort
  • Click here to get a map of all battery points on campus

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