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Our Focus...


• conserve water •
•reduce storm water runoff •
• lower water consumption •

Key Achievements...



Fueled by the leadership of Hunter’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate Student Association (GSA), the advocacy and support of the Hunter student body proves instrumental towards campus’ funding and installation of waste-saving water bottle filling stations on campus -- Since the first bottle filling installation in 2016, over 19 million (and counting) plastic water bottles have been eliminated from the NYC waste stream


Our Practices...

Water Bottle Filling Stations

  • Responding to growing student demand and activism by the Undergraduate Student Government and the Graduate Student Association, waste-saving water bottle filling stations are introduced onto Hunter campuses starting 2016
  • Click HERE for map of all bottle stations throughout our Hunter facilities

Plumbing Fixture Upgrades

  • Installation of modernized plumbing equipment is recognized as a best practice for water conservation. Low flow showerheads and faucet aerators are installed at all Hunter campus facilities in efforts to lower water consumption. The capital plumbing upgrades are designed to consume less water when put in to operation.
  • Repairs of steam and chilled water leaks found within campus' piping networks are hastily made by Hunter Office of Facilities Management to minimize levels of water waste

Pool Renovation + Pool Covers

  • When not in use, Hunter Main Campus pool utilizes Pool Covers as a prime strategy to achieve both energy and water savings. Pool covers lower the rate at which pool water evaporates, effectively decreasing the frequency with which water and chemicals will need to be added to the pool -- Covers also insulate the pool and keep the heated water warm longer, so that the water heating unit won't needto operate as often or as long

Gentle Cleansers

  • Foam Soap Dispensers: Foaming hand soap dispensers are installed in all Hunter College restrooms -- These dispensers reduce the amount of soap concentrate each person uses, helping to lower the rate at which soap compounds enter the municipal water treatment system -- the hand soap used in the dispensers is also formulated to be less harsh on the environment than conventional hand soaps.

Quench Dispensers

  • Hunter invests in Quench systems for a number of its office and shared kitchen areas. These water dispensing units are connected directly to the municipal water supply, and filter and expose tap water to ultraviolet light to ensure its purity -- With an endless supply of pure, clean drinking water, cold or hot, Hunter employees are encouraged to avoid consuming bottled water, in turn reducing the volume of empty plastic bottles that enter the waste stream.
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