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As the largest urban university in the U.S., CUNY has taken decisive action toward tackling the impacts of climate change and spurring broader, long-lasting efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007 CUNY launched the Sustainable CUNY program designed with a "project-based change" approach to engage and enable all CUNY Colleges to incorporate, manage, and individually implement pivotal projects that maximize efficiency and minimize waste.





The Sustainable CUNY program is comprised of three foundational pillars to both prompt change throughout its campuses and help put NYC and New York State on a better path to addressing climate change:
• CUNY Sustainability
• Solar
• Energy Resiliency
Through the support and guidance provided by Sustainable CUNY, Hunter College has remained committed to fulfilling report requirements and implementing the best practices and strategies to provide a campus environment where all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged and provided with the resources, accessibility, and incentives to follow a sustainable lifestyle both here and beyond.
Read more about CUNY's work HERE.
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