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Executive Order 4

Executive Order 4 (E.O. 4) directs all state agencies and public authorities (like CUNY) to purchase commodities, services and technology that meet approved green procurement specifications. The order is a New York State initiative passed down from the Governor’s office (administratively led by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Office of General Services (OGS) to spur reduction in the use and release of toxic substances, minimization of the volume of pollutants discharged into the environment, and other public health benefits.


E.O. 4 established a state interagency Committee for Sustainability and Green Procurement, of which members developed green procurement lists and specifications to address several categories of commodities, services, and technology (i.e. electronics, office/business operations, food service etc.). These green lists and specifications are required for use by agencies and public authorities during the development and issuance of new contracts and new solicitations, as well as under existing procurement arrangements that are available.
For Hunter, green procurement* requirements for E.O. 4 include:

-    all general purpose cleaning products shall be certified by one of the following: Green Seal or UL Ecologo to the maximum extent practicable
-    all desktop, tablet, and laptop computers shall be registered Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Silver or better in the EPEAT registration system to the maximum extent practicable
-    all copy paper, janitorial paper and other paper supplies purchased shall be composed of 100% post-consumer recycled content; any non-recycled content shall be derived from a sustainably-managed renewable resource to the extent practicable

*green procurement may be exempted so long as such green commodities, services or technology will not meet required form, function or use; the cost of the commodities, services or technology is not competitive; or there is an emergency or other compelling public health or safety reason not to purchase such commodities, services or technology. 

A full list of all approved green procurement products and specifications can be viewed HERE.
Under E.O. 4, Hunter College (and other state agencies and public authorities) must also annually submit a progress report to the Committee informing of the progress each has made toward achieving the goals described in E.O. 4, the effectiveness of the procurement lists and specifications; and specific sustainability projects that have been implemented.
Based on the data submitted from all agencies and authorities, a final report highlighting notable achievements, hurdles, and new opportunities is published and shared with the public.
Learn more and check out New York's most recent progress report here
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