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Executive Order 88

Executive Order 88 (E.O. 88) requires all agencies and authorities to reduce the energy use intensity (EUI) of State-owned and managed buildings at least 20% by the year 2020. The directive was enacted to help spur the adoption and implementation of energy efficiency action across state buildings, and is a strategic element to the New York State Governor’s comprehensive Reforming the Energy Vision plan. (Executive Order 111 was replaced by E.O. 88 in 2012 after energy consumption baseline levels were adjusted from 1990 levels to 2010-2011 levels).

As one of the few other state entities to occupy a significant portion of the State’s building space, CUNY is considered central to this effort and must also follow the requirements set forth in E.O. 88.

For Hunter, E.O. 88 requires the College (and other CUNY schools) to reduce its energy use intensity (EUI) 22% by the year 2020*.

Progress towards the goals and deadlines established by E.O. 88 (also recognized as BuildSmartNY) are tracked and evaluated by the New York Power Authority (NYPA). On behalf of Hunter, CUNY annually reports the institution’s metered energy consumption and expenditures to NYPA upon which (together with all other State agencies’ efforts and achievements) information is compiled and adapted into an annual Progress Report released to the public.

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*baseline year: FY 2011
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