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Local Law 86

Motivated by the drive to spur greater transformation within the public sector, Local Law 86 (LL86)  (passed in 2005) is recognized as one the first green building laws in the U.S. Per its legislation, construction projects that receive a specified amount of City funding for new building and/or reconstruction must achieve a LEED® rating level of Certified or Silver (depending on occupancy) as well as reductions in energy and potable water usage.
If a new building construction or renovation project receives $10 million or more in City funds, public entities, agencies and/or private developers become subject to the requirements of LL86. *Likewise, if City funds ALSO make up more than 50% of total project cost, entities become subject to the conditions outlined in LL86 (despite if the cost threshold is not reached).
For Hunter, LL86 requires that all new buildings on campus achieve LEED Certified status as well as a set reduction in potable water usage and energy cost (specified % reduction is determined by final project cost).
Learn more about LL86 requirements HERE
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