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How to Become an IELI Student - Step 1

Becoming a student at the IELI is easy! Just follow these four steps:

Step one: Choose a Program

Step two: Get Your Visa

Step three: Come to New York

Step four: Register for Classes

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The International English Language Institute at Hunter College (IELI) offers a wide variety of English language courses and services. We offer classes in three unique programs: The Academic Skills Program, The Professional English Academy and the IELI Saturday Program. We can provide students with everything from intensive academic English classes, to part-time communicative skills classes, to one-on-one professional English lessons. Please review our program summaries below to see which program best meets your needs. If you're unsure of which program is best for you, feel free to contact us for more information.


Academic Skills Program

The Academic Skills Program's supportive and challenging environment provides intensive English instruction in the skills required for success in an American college or graduate programs. This program is ideal for anyone whose goal is to apply to an English-language university. We offer courses in the daytime and in the evening.

Daytime Program

In the full-time Academic Skills Daytime Program, students at the high-beginning through advanced levels take classes which focus on writing, reading, grammar and oral skills for a total of 18 Academic hours per week on 4 or 5 days. To see more information about Daytime classes, click here.

In the full-time Academic program, students at the intermediate through advanced levels take classes which focus on writing, reading, grammar and oral skills for a total of 18 Academic hours per week on 4 or 5 afternoons.

In the Advanced Workshops, students who have completed level 8 (the most advanced level in the regular academic program), or place high enough on the placement test, may take from one to three of the following workshops:

  1. Advanced Writing, Reading and Grammar
  2. Advanced Research and Library Skills
  3. Advanced Academic Speaking Skills

Our Evening program is designed for students who work during the day or who would prefer to take classes in the evening. If you would like to study in the evening, you can choose to take full-time classes (18 Academic hours per week) or part-time classes (4.5 to 13.5 Academic hours per week).

In the full-time Academic Skills Program, students at the Intermediate through Advanced levels take four classes which focus on writing, reading, vocabulary, test-taking skills, grammar and communication skills for a total of 18 Academic hours per week on 4 evenings.

In the part-time Academic Skills program, students can choose which classes they would like to take and can register for one to three classes on two to four evenings per week.

A TOEFL Preparation class is also available as part of both the full-time and part-time evening programs.

To see more information about Evening classes, click here.


Professional English Academy

The Professional English Academy offers advanced level professional and business English courses for non-native English speakers.

These Career-English courses are designed for professionals who are seeking to perfect and polish the English language skills they need for work. The program focuses on four areas of language competency: speaking, writing, pronunciation, and a thorough review of the grammatical structures of the English language. All courses meet during the evening from 6:15 to 8:15 pm, once a week from Monday through Thursday.

The Professional English Academy is ideal for professionals with limited time who feel they can benefit from improving their accuracy and efficiency in English communication.

No placement test is required, but students are expected to be at an advanced level of proficiency.  

To see more information about Professional English Academy Classes, click here.


IELI Saturday Program

Do you work full time during the week? Are you too busy to take English classes during the week? Are you looking for help in everyday English instead of academic English? Than our multi-level Saturday Program is for you! The Saturday Program is designed to develop and solidify the language skills you need socially, in the workplace, for study in the future, and in everyday situations common to life in New York City.

These classes are on Saturdays. Students may choose from a variety of integrated-skills classes, grammar classes, and communication workshops. These classes incorporate real-life topics relevant to students' lives and lively, dynamic, and effective methods that help students explore the English language and become comfortable in expressing their ideas and opinions.

If you would like to study on Saturday, you may choose to take either one or both of the following classes:

  1. Integrated Skills (Beginner through Advanced Levels) – Mornings
  2. Elective Workshops (Beginner through Advanced Levels) – Afternoons

To see more information about Saturday classes, click here.

Please note: Saturday classes are subject to change and may have limited availability. Check with the Registration Office to find out which classes and levels are available on Saturdays.


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