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How to Become an IELI Student - Step 4

Step one: Choose a Program

Step two: Get Your Visa

Step three: Come to New York

Step four: Register for Classes


Register Online

With the IELI Online System, you can do the following:

  • Register and pay for IELI courses
  • Register and pay for the placement test
  • Check your placement test result
  • Pay your balance
  • Verify your payment
  • Create and update your student record
  • Confirm registered classes
  • Apply for the IELI Information Package

Please click here to register online.

Please note: New students registering online who have not yet taken the placement test will be placed in a holding class in the program of their choice. Students must make an appointment to take the placement test for all Academic Skills and English for Success Programs by calling 212-772-4292. After the results of the test are received, students will automatically be moved into the appropriate level in the classes for which they have registered.

Students taking only Professional English Academy classes do not need to take a placement test.


Register In Person

Registering for the Academic Skills and English for Success Programs

In order to register for our Academic Skills Program (either day, evening or Saturday classes), you must first take a placement test to determine your level of English.

Please call us at 212-772-4290 or 212-772-4292 or come into our office to schedule an appointment for the test.*

On the day of the test, you will be given a registration date (usually 2 to 4 days later) when you may return to our office to learn your placement and to register for classes. 

It is also possible to register for these classes online, but you will still need to make an appointment for a placement test by phone and come in to take the test.

*Please note that the we use the TOEIC as our placement test. If you have taken the TOEIC any time in the past year, or if you would like to take it before coming to New York, you may bring your official score report with you for placement into our academic program. In addition to your TOEIC score, you will need to take a 15-minute writing placement test when you come in to register.

Registering for the Professional English Academy

In order to register for the Professional English Academy, you do not need to take a placement test at this time. However, you should feel confident that you already are at an advanced level of English. 

You may register for the Professional English Academy classes in the following three ways:

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