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New I-20

New students who are currently planning to apply for a student F-1 visa in their home country

The Student Visa (F-1) allows you to register for full-time courses in a college, university or language school. A full-time course in an American college or university generally consists of four classes that total 12 credits (units) a semester. In a language school, a full-time course is determined by the number of hours you take per week. For example, a full-time course at the IELI consists of 18 hours per week.

Here you will find information for International students seeking I-20s and complete the necessary forms following the instructions below.

  1. Complete the Online application form (full payment must be made with this link)
  2. Original Financial Documents – Your bank statement in English with a minimum balance of $22,500 in the account (can be emailed in PDF)

** If someone else is your financial sponsor (can be emailed in PDF)

  • Sponsor’s Bank Statement or Bank Letter in English with a minimum balance of $22,500
  • Affidavit of Support Form
  • Proof of income (Pay stub, W2, Job letter, Income Tax Return, etc..)

**If your F-1 visa is approved, you will be permitted to travel to the U.S. on a student visa.

**If your F-1 visa is denied, ask the embassy official to give you a copy of his/her written decision so that you can read and understand the reason(s) for the denial. Contact the IELI International Student Advisor if you need any help or advice. You may email your questions to·

For more information, please read our I-20 instructions

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