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New Programs

IELI Pronunciation workshop (All levels, 12 people max.) 6 sessions $400
This workshop is designed for those who would like to sound more professionally in front of pears or coworkers. Students learn to identify their pronunciation difficulties and increase accuracy in producing the individual vowel and consonant sounds of American English. This class will also focus on producing appropriate: Pitch, Intonation, Stress, and Rhythm (full time students get 50% discount)

Course Code Title Date S Time E Time S Date E Date
PRNWRK Pronunciation Workshop Friday 1:15: pm 2:55Pm 1/31/2020 3/6/2020

English for Beginners $800 48 hours twice per week (6 hours per week. This are clock hours)
In this course, you will review English sentence structures and verb tenses that will help you build confidence and overcome the challenges of living in a fast-paced city. You will learn and practice useful vocabulary, idioms and grammar structures and practice real life skills like speaking on the telephone. This course will help you improve your oral and written communication skills to navigate life in any English Speaking City and prepare you to succeed in school and at work. This course is taught by professional teachers who hold an MA in TESOL. Placement Exam needed

Course Code
S Time
E Time
S Date
E Date
ENGBEG English for Beginner Monday & Wednesday 6:00pm 8:00pm 1/13/20 3/4/20
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