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Summer Fun!

How do you want to spend your summer? If you're interested in improving your English Language Skills while soaking up the sun and sights of  New York City, then the International English Language Institute (IELI) at Hunter College is the place for you!  The IELI offers two exciting short Summer Programs: July@theIELI and Summer Intersession.  These programs are only 3 weeks and focus on improving fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking! Did you also want to spend your Summer enjoying the New York City Culture? Then register for Section 1 (MOR/July/1) of July@theIELI which includes the activities package!... at only $150 more, it's an affordable way to soak in NYC sights with new friends!

*IELI's Summer programs are part-time and do not impact a student’s level.   A walk-in placement exam is required.


For more information on each program, click on the images below.

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