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Academic Skills - Advanced Classes

Advanced Levels: Students in Levels 7, 8, & 9 take one of the following classes:


Reading and Writing
Reading and Writing classes are integrated and designed to help students improve their preparation for college-level reading and writing. The reading and writing course will focus on developing vocabulary and comprehension skills. Students will read books, essays, newspaper and magazine articles. Students will write about the readings and practice a variety of types of writing and essays. This is achieved through a process of analyzing texts, searching for key editing and revising in which students learn the elements of effective essay writing: outlining, organizing and composing, as well as identifying their own grammar mistakes.
*Students also choose two communication workshops for speaking and listening, with a focus on developing vocabulary and fluency.

Advanced Reading and Writing (ADV9) Level 9
This is the IELI’s most advanced course, focusing on critical analysis and critical thinking, expressed through speaking and writing. In this course, students continue to develop advanced language skills through engagement with high-quality materials drawn from various fields, including literature, economics, history, psychology, film, and cultural commentary. The class is both a review of lingering problems in grammar and expression, and a workshop in advanced writing and oral presentation. Students are given many opportunities to work on research skills, short and long forms of writing, and presentation skills. Through the use of authentic and challenging material, vocabulary is greatly expanded, and class members engage in lively discussions on current issues in a global environment.
*Students also choose two communication workshops for speaking and listening, with a focus on developing vocabulary and fluency.

Introduction to American Theater (AV1) Levels 7, 8, & 9 (Full Time only)
All the World’s a Stage—and you can be a Star! The American theater course will introduce advanced level students to an American play, a celebrated American playwright and the film version of this masterpiece. This semester, the class will read Almost, Maine by John Cariani. Students will read and analyze the play for symbolism, meaning and acting interpretation. They will research and write about the playwright, and hold a literary forum to discuss their findings. Students will present a portfolio of academic essays at the end of the term. The grand finale will be a real stage performance. Enrollment limited to 16 students. Note: all level 8 students will take the IELI final writing exam. This course meets 18 hours/week.

TOEFL Preparation (TOEFULL) Levels 7, 8, & 9 (Full Time only)
Skills and Practice for the TOEFL iBT mornings/afternoons These classes are designed to teach the language skills and test-taking strategies needed to achieve a competitive score on the reading, writing, listening, and speaking segments of the TOEFL iBT. Students will take practice TOEFL tests to become familiar with the exam. They will then analyze results to find areas to improve using the skills learned.
*Note: Students that successfully complete Level 8 will be waived from taking TOEFL when entering any CUNY school, except Baruch College.


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