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Advanced Level Classes

Academic English Courses: $2000 Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening

Full-Time Level 7
This course will introduce students to advanced English. The reading/ writing course will focus on developing vocabulary and comprehension skills for college level reading. Students will write about the readings and practice a variety of types of writing and essay organization. In the speaking course, students will gain confidence and fluency in speaking and listening.

Full-Time Level 8
This course prepares students for a variety of academic and professional writing, reading and speaking environments. Students will read books, essays, newspaper and magazine articles. They will write about what they read and refine their writing skills. In the speaking and listening segment, students will develop vocabulary and gain confidence in their oral communication skills.


Introduction to American Literature and film (AV1) $2000

Full-Time Levels 8 & 9 (7 with permission)
Experience great American Literature this semester by reading the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. Adanced level students will read and analyze the book, then see and discuss the companion work on film/DVD. College level reading, writing, grammar and oral skills are incoporated into all coursework. Students will research the author, director, actors, themes, and cultural settings and, as a final project, they will present their findings in a Film Forum. The class is highly interactive and requires both individual and teamwork. This course meets 18 hours/week.


TOEFL Preparation Full-time Levels 8 & 9 (ADVTOEF1 & ADVTOEF2) $2000

These two courses should be taken together
Skills for the TOEFL iBT (ADVTOEF1)10 hours/week Weekday mornings
These classes are designed to teach the language skills and test taking strategies needed to achieve a competitive score on the reading, writing, listening, and speaking segments of the TOEFLiBt.

Practicing the TOEFL iBT (ADVTOEF2) 8 hours/week Weekday afternoons
Students will take practice TOEFL tests to become familiar with the exam. They will then analyze results to find areas of weakness and work on improvement.

Note: Level 8 students will also take the IELI final writing exam.


Advanced Level 9 Courses

Advanced 9 - Student Testimonial:
“I am very pleased with how helpful Level 9 was at IELI. Prof. Sireci helped me to improve my grammar skills a lot. He has a very good sense of humor, but is also strict and helpful. I learned a myriad of things in addition to English.” -Jun, Student

Advanced Reading and Writing (ADV9) $1110 Mornings 10 hours/week

This is the IELI’s most advanced course, focusing on critical analysis and critical thinking, expressed through speaking and writing.  In this course, students continue to develop advanced language skills through engagement with high-quality materials drawn from various fields, including literature, economics, history, psychology, film, and cultural commentary. The class is both a review of lingering problems in grammar and expression, and a workshop in advanced writing and oral presentation. Students are given many opportunities to work on different styles of writing. Through the use of authentic and challenging material, vocabulary is greatly expanded, and class members engage in lively discussions on current issues in a global environment.

Students choose 2 Communication Workshops for a full-time schedule

English on the Go (E08) $445 Levels 6–9 4 hours/week
In this course, students will take subways, buses and walk to interesting places in and around New York City. A different trip is scheduled for each week. When the weather is inclement, students will visit museums, go bowling or even go to the movies. New York City is a wonderful classroom!

TOEFL iBT (ASETOEF1) $450 evening Levels 6-8 4.5 hours/week
This class will prepare students for the TOEFL iBT test. Students will learn how to listen for main ideas, details, function, and inferences. For reading, students will also learn how to distinguish between main ideas and stated details, recognize unstated and implied details, and handle vocabulary in context. Students will also do a lot of writing and speaking to prepare for the writing and speaking sections of the test.

Research Writing for College (E40) Levels 8 & 9 It’s recommended to take this with ADV9.
A research paper is a common assignment in American college undergraduate and graduate courses and students are expected to know how to do this using correct format and style. This advanced course offers hands-on experience in how to create a research paper. Students will learn how to choose an appropriate topic, how to write citations correctly, how to paraphrase, how not to plagiarize, and how to write a bibliography. There will also be short readings and discussions on contemporary issues. Students will prepare brief presentations on related topics. This is an essential course for anyone planning to attend college in the US.

Advanced Communication Skills (E33) $445 Levels 8 & 9 4 hours/week
In this advanced course, students will gain confidence in speaking. They will make presentations, speak effectively in discussion groups, practice using critical thinking skills in English, and improve listening for a variety of academic and professional settings.


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