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Communication Workshops

These workshops will help you to be actively involved and practice your speaking, listening and writing in an interactive and engaging learning experience. All workshops focus on a wide variety of subjects and themes. For the class schedule, visit



Daytime Communication Workshops


Conversation Circle (E05)   Levels 3 & 4  

Communicate more fluently, effectively and confidently. Practice speaking while learning new vocabulary and idioms. Emphasis on pronunciation practice will further support your oral communication skills.


Vocabulary Workshop (E07)   Levels 3 & 4

This vocabulary workshop is designed to increase your vocabulary while you practice speaking English. In this fun class you will learn conversational vocabulary and idioms to improve your speaking skills as well as academic vocabulary to prepare you for university study and the TOEFL exam. Through a variety of activities and lots of conversation practice, you will begin to express yourself in English with greater fluency and self-confidence.  No textbook is required for this class.


Idioms: It’s a Snap! (E18)   Levels 3-  5

Are you running out of good expressions?  Do you put your foot in your mouth and get a splitting headache every time you try to find the right word?  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Come to this Idioms Workshop and it will be a piece of cake!


Speak Clearly! (E09)   Levels 4 - 6

This is a pronunciation course that will help you learn to speak English clearly and give you more confidence when expressing yourself. You will focus on learning how to make the sounds of American English and also work on sounds that are difficult for you or give you trouble. In addition to learning and practicing pronouncing English, this course will also have speaking and listening practice as well as some group conversation and vocabulary study. Let’s speak clearly!


Learn English through Popular Music (E41) Levels 4 - 6

Do you want to listen to different kinds of popular music and know the meaning of the songs? In this class, you can practice listening comprehension skills with Pop, Rock & Roll, R&B, Electronic, Musical and Country & Western songs. Students will use the song lyrics to study new vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation and talk about various interpretations and themes, such as love, money, and power. Each week, the music is chosen and presented by both the teacher and students.


One Picture is Worth 1000 Words (E43)   Levels 5 - 8

Students will share photographs and conversation about contemporary life in NYC--a visual and audio gallery--to practice speaking English, develop fluency, and increase vocabulary. The course will include both field trips and classroom activities. Subjects will include some of the special places and activities that breathe life into our communal, contemporary space, such as NYC neighborhoods, restaurants, student life, and the latest news. This is a perfect course for students who love New York City and like to get out and about while improving their English.


Pronunciation and Accent Reduction (E10)   Levels 5 - 7

This course will emphasize pronunciation and fluency.   Students will practice speaking in conversations about current events and contemporary topics.


Acting and Speaking Workshop (E19)   Levels 6 - 8

This is a speaking and pronunciation class that is fun and challenging. Students will participate in interactive communication activities based on American theater games. They will also practice dramatic dialogs to improve natural English communication in a lively and entertaining environment. At the end of this course, students will be able to speak with greater fluency and confidence. This workshop is only offered during Fall 1 and Spring 1.


English on the Go (E08)   Levels 5 - 7

In this course, students will take subways, buses and walk to interesting places in and around New York City.  A different trip is scheduled for each week.  When the weather is inclement, students will visit museums, go bowling or even go to the movies.  New York City is a wonderful classroom!


Perfect Your Grammar! (E16)   Levels 7 & 8

No one is ever “finished” learning grammar. This upper level course helps students polish their English by expanding essential grammar structures and introducing new ones. Vocabulary, idioms and cultural trends will be highlighted through discussion and written expression. Active class participation required.


Research Writing for College (E40)Levels 7 & 8

A research paper is a common assignment in American college undergraduate and graduate courses and students are expected to know how to do this using correct format and style.  This advanced course offers hands-on experience in how to create a research paper.  Students will learn how to choose an appropriate topic, how to write citations correctly, how to paraphrase, how not to plagiarize, and how to write a bibliography.  There will also be short readings and discussions on contemporary issues.  Students will prepare brief presentations on related topics. This is an essential course for anyone planning to attend college in the US.


Saturday Communication Workshops


TOEFL iBT: Speaking and Listening (TOEFPAR/E20) Levels 6 - 8

This class will help prepare students for the TOEFL iBT test. Students will learn how to listen for main ideas, details, function, and inferences. Students will learn how to compare and contrast information in the integrated skills section. TOEFL-level vocabulary will be learned in context.


The Language of Business: Speaking and Writing (E23) Levels 5 - 8

In this class students will focus on how to communicate confidently and successfully in an American business setting. The class will cover all skills, but focus especially on speaking, writing and presentation skills. Cover letters and employment correspondence will be reviewed. As always, the primary focus in this course will be to gain skills and confidence using business language in the corporate world.


Evening Communication Workshops

Understanding and Practicing English Conversation (ASECW3) Intermediate - Levels 3 & 4

In this class students will engage in a series of activities designed to build fluency, vocabulary, and accuracy in spoken English. The activities will vary from semester to semester, with current issues taken directly from News for You, a weekly newspaper for English learners. In this class students will:

  • describe and discuss physical and emotional characteristics of people
  • discuss cultural similarities and differences
  • read articles in News for You to discuss current events and build vocabulary
  • work on pronunciation
  • listen to real radio broadcasts to improve listening skills


Let’s Chat (ASECW4) Intermediate through High-Intermediate - Levels 5 & 6

This communication workshop will help students gain confidence and accuracy in spoken English. Each week students will express their opinions and reactions to contemporary topics and issues. In addition, students will practice pronunciation of English vowels and consonants. In this class students will:

  • practice speaking and gain confidence
  • improve pronunciation through focused attention to specific sounds
  • increase vocabulary and grammatical accuracy
  • improve comprehension


Life in the 21st Century (ASECW5) Advanced - Levels 7 & 8

In this communication workshop, students will improve their listening and speaking skills by exploring and discussing various current topics that are relevant to their lives. In this class students will:

  • increase confidence in spoken English
  • become better conversationalists
  • build vocabulary
  • improve pronunciation through accent reduction



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