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Academic Skills Program: Daytime classes and Evening classes

The Academic Skills Program’s supportive and challenging environment provides intensive English instruction in the skills required for success in an American college or graduate programs. This program is ideal for anyone whose goal is to apply to an English-language university. The Academic Skills Program offers a standardized schedule for a total of 18 Academic hours per week and it runs for 8 weeks each semester. Upon successful completion of one semester, the student will move up a level.


We Also Offer:


Academic Skills: Introduction to English

Introduction to English offers courses in Basic Grammar, Speaking, Writing and Reading. These specially designed courses will provide students with the elementary skills in the English sound, grammar and writing systems necessary to survive in an English social or academic environment. Classes focus around using English in real-life situations through individual and group activities.


Academic Skills: 4-Week English Program

This short-term Intensive English academic program is the fastest way to improve your English proficiency. The program focuses on: reading, writing, grammar and oral skills. Note: F1 students must enroll as full-time students in an 8 week program.  However, you can register as an F1 for 4 weeks if you will be leaving the country soon or if you would like to try our program before committing to our fulltime 8-week program.


These classes are designed to teach the language skills and test-taking strategies needed to achieve a competitive score on the reading, writing, listening, and speaking segments of the TOEFL iBT. Students will take practice TOEFL tests to become familiar with the exam. They will then analyze results to find areas to improve using the skills learned.


These short, part time classes are designed to help students increase their fluency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Course materials will provide support for students to practice and refine their abilities. There will be no tests or grades (pass/fail only). Instead, all of the time will be used for extensive practice of the language. Enrollment is limited. 9-15 studetns per class. A walk-in placement exam is required.


Spend your summer soaking in the sun and sights of New York City! July@theIELI is an intensive summer program with 4 hours of daily instruction and weekly cultural adventures in NYC with the IELI. Classes will include instruction and practice for improved speaking, listening, reading and writing. Trips to point of interest in New York City add a fun element to this summer program. Included in our program are a boat ride and a Broadway musical. Immerse yourself in the English Language and NYC living this summer. A walk-in placement exam is required.


These Saturday morning classes focus on integrating reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and listening/ speaking skills in order to help students develop and solidify the language skills they need socially, in the workplace, for study in the future, and in everyday situations common to life in New York.


Living in New York City can be very challenging, especially if English is not your first language. Daily tasks like getting around on the subway, going grocery shopping and interacting with native speakers can be difficult if you don’t have the necessary language skills. In this course, you will review English sentence structures and verb tenses that will help you build confidence and overcome the challenges of living in a fast-paced city.  You will learn and practice useful vocabulary, idioms and grammar structures and practice real life skills like speaking on the telephone. This course will help you improve your oral and written communication skills to navigate life in New York City and prepare you to succeed in school and at work.


This intensive certificate will empower you to succeed in any college-level course or professional field. You’ll learn to conduct rigorous academic research and to express your ideas clearly in an academic format. In the Final Project, students will apply all the knowledge that they gained over the span of these courses. Class will culminate into an academic research paper on an issue of your choice.


This certificate provides an understanding of the finance decision-making process and insights into how financial markets function. The curriculum provides an integral part of the education for students seeking finance positions in financial institutions, industry, government or nonprofit institutions. Courses in finance are divided into financial planning and taxation categories. The courses will include basic financial English terminology and best practices for business. This certificate program is only open to non-degree adult students and requires a high level of English fluency. Students must be level 8 or must have completed the equivalent of ENG 101-102.


The Professional English Certificate is designed for professionals who are seeking to perfect and polish the English language skills they need at work. The program focuses on four areas of language competency: speaking, writing, pronunciation, and a thorough review of the grammatical structures of English. All courses meet during the evening from Monday through Thursday or Saturday mornings. The certificate is ideal for professionals with limited time who feel they can benefit from improving their accuracy and efficiency in communicating in English.


Oral interviews are required for Speaking and Pronunciation courses, and  placement exams are required for Writing and Grammar. Prospective students in need of an oral interview should email the IELI at to schedule a phone interview and must provide a phone number where they can be reached.


For more information on these programs, please click on the links above. For information on IELI's additional course offerings, please select the program of choice from the 'Programs' drop-down menu on our homepage.

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