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Intersession Classes

Why Take Intersession Classes? Intersession classes are small, 3-week, part time classes focused on fluency in writing, reading, listening and speaking. Continue working towards improving your English Language Skills!  The International English Language Institute (IELI) at Hunter College offers 2 Intersession Programs every year: January Winter Session and August Summer Session!  


Integrated Skills· INTIS–Monday-Thursday (9:10-11:50) $540/12 hours/week*

Beginner   INTISBG (levels 1 & 2)            High-intermediate   INTISHI (levels 5 & 6)
Intermediate   INTISIN (levels 3 & 4)        Advanced   INTISAD (levels 7 & 8)

These small classes are designed to help students increase their fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Course materials will provide support for students to practice and refine their abilities.  There will be no tests or grades (pass/fail only).  Instead, all of the time will be used for extensive practice of the language. Enrollment limited.  9-15 students per class.


Speaking and Reading Workshops· INTCW – $180/ 4 hours/week*

Stories in English   INTCW1— Intermediate (levels 3 & 4) Monday & Wednesday (1:10 - 2:50pm)
Stories, short readings, and film clips will provide topics for conversation and speaking practice. There will be no tests or grades (pass/fail only).  The focus of the course is on developing fluency.  Enrollment limited. 

Exploring Language & Culture through Popular Music INTCW8 —High Intermediate/Advanced (levels 5 - 7) Monday & Wednesday (1:10 - 2:50pm)
This class will use popular music to study listening, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in English. Students
will learn new vocabulary and improve fluency in speaking and conversation. This class will draw songs from Pop,
R&B, Rock and Roll, Country & Western, Rap, Punk, Disco and Grunge and explore themes such as love, power,
and money in songs from the 1960s to the present. There will be no tests or grades (pass/fail only). Enrollment limited.

Topics in the News   INTCW3—Advanced (levels 7 & 8) Monday & Wednesday (1:10 - 2:50pm)
Students will watch film clips and read short news items to use as a basis for conversation and discussion. The emphasis will be on speaking about a variety of topics and issues to develop fluency beyond the basics. There will be no tests or grades (pass/fail only).  Enrollment limited.

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction INTCW7—Multilevel(5-8) Monday & Wednesday (1:10-2:50pm)


Academic Focus Workshops

Note: the first two TOEFL workshops should be taken together
Skills for the TOEFLiBT    INTCW4—Advanced (levels 7 & 8)
Monday - Thursday  (9:10-12:15) $540/ 7 hours/week*
These classes are designed to support the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills students will need to succeed in the TOEFLiBt.
Practicing the TOEFLiBT     INTCW5—Advanced (levels 7 & 8)
Tuesday & Thursday (1:10-2:50) $180/ 8 hours/week*
Students will practice taking actual TOEFL practice tests. They will analyze the results to determine their areas of weakness and work on improvement.

Writing for College     INTCW6 —Advanced (levels 7 & 8)
Tuesday & Thursday (1:10-2:50pm) $180/ 4 hours/week*
This class will introduce academic writing skills such as reading response and expository writing. The class will also study research writing skills.  Students will get teacher feedback on their areas of strength and weakness.


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