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Saturday Classes

Integrated Skills (SAT/MOR) 7 weeks

These Saturday morning classes focus on integrating grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, and listening/speaking skills in order to help students develop and solidify the language skills they need socially, in the workplace, for study in the future, and in everyday situations common to life in New York.

The classes on Saturday are divided into 4 levels:

  • Beginner Levels 1 & 2
  • Intermediate Levels 3 & 4
  • High-Intermediate Levels 5 & 6
  • Advanced Levels 7 & 8


Saturday Workshops

Short Fluency Classes (SAT/SCW) 7 weeks
These courses complement the Saturday morning integrated skills classes and are designed to give students additional practice to increase fluency and confidence in spoken English.

Communication Workshops (SAT/AFT) 8 weeks 
These courses can be taken separately or in conjunction with any other IELI courses.  They include TOEFL preparation and Business English.

Conversation, Pronunciation, and Idioms (ESSCW1) Beginner/Intermediate
The purpose of this course is to improve speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary skills through practice. Students will use many different topics to express their opinions in conversation. They will study correct pronunciation of English vowels and consonants as well as stress and intonation.

Short Subjects and Conversation (ESSCW2) Intermediate/High Intermediate
Students will practice speaking English as they talk about current topics of interest. This course is designed to help students develop greater fluency in spoken English. Pronunciation work is also an important part of the course, with instruction, practice, and correction of stress, intonation and rhythm.

Current Issues in the News (ESSCW3) High Intermediate/Advanced
In this course students will discuss and debate current events and topics in the news. By watching clips of television news reports and reading short newspaper and magazine articles, students will consider what’s happening in the world today. Students will gain confidence in expressing their opinions and talking about the latest issues in the news.

The Language of Business (E23) Levels 5 - 8
In this class students will learn the language of Business English-how to communicate confidently and successfully in an American business setting. The class will cover all skills, but focus especially on speaking and writing. The course will emphasize writing and presentation skills. Cover letters and employment correspondence will be reviewed. As always, the primary focus in this course will be to gain skills and confidence using business language in the corporate world.


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