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Hurricane Sandy Financial Aid FAQ

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Hurricane Sandy FAQ

Q: I was expecting my financial aid or work study payment and it has not yet arrived. When can I expect funds?

A: Financial aid payments generated during and right after Hurricane Sandy were delayed. Financial aid checks which are mailed by the Central Office of CUNY needed to be diverted to a post office that was open for processing the checks. They are a few days late in reaching you. CUNY Scholar Card payments will be delayed one day. Direct deposit payments will be 1 or 2 days late, depending on the bank where you have your account. We expect no further delays.

Q: I am at a temporary address. How can I get my financial aid check?

A: You must inform the college Registrar and Financial Aid Offices of your temporary address where you can receive your check. To sign up for electronic payment method (CUNY Scholar Support Card) visit

Queensborough and New Community College students only: please visit CUNYfirst Self Service to update your address or change and enroll in electronic payment methods.

Q: If I still don't get my payment what should I do?

A: Contact your college Bursar Office for further guidance.

Q: What if I need to transfer to a different school?

A: If you wish to transfer to a different school, you should contact the financial aid office at your new school as soon as possible so that the new school can request your federal financial aid records. This early contact will also allow the new school to provide you with information needed to support a request for financial aid.

Q: What are my options if my aid eligibility was impacted by a Hurricane Sandy but my application does not reflect this change?

A: The financial aid office at your college or career school is authorized to use professional judgment in order to more accurately reflect the financial need of students and families affected by a disaster. If you feel that your eligibility for aid was impacted by the disaster, you should contact the financial aid office at your school to ask for a re-assessment of eligibility.

Q: Do I need to claim on my FAFSA any disaster-related support I received from either the state or the U.S. Department of Education?

A: No. If you received any special aid from the federal government or from your state, for the purpose of providing financial relief, it should not be counted as income, other resources, or other financial assistance when determining your eligibility for federal student aid.

Q: What if documentation that I need to apply for financial aid has been damaged or lost by a natural disaster?

A: It is possible that you may be asked to provide documentation to verify information from your financial aid application. If the documentation being requested has been lost or destroyed by the disaster, you should immediately inform the school that asked for the records. That school may make a determination not to require those documents.

Q: I have a federal student loan and I was not able to complete my school year due to a natural disaster. What are my options?

A: If you are a federal student loan borrower who was not able to complete your school year as a result of the disaster, you will be provided with an extended "in-school" status until you officially withdraw or re-enroll in the next regular enrollment period, whichever is earlier. This action will prevent you from entering repayment status on your loans. Contact your school to request this action.

Q: I was displaced from my home in a recent natural disaster. As a result, I am having trouble making payments on my federal student loan. What are my options?

A: If you are a borrower in repayment who was adversely affected by a disaster, you qualify for administrative forbearance of loan repayment for a period of up to three months. During forbearance, payments are temporarily postponed or reduced. However, interest is still charged during the forbearance period. You should contact your lender or loan servicer to request this forbearance.

Q. My family was impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Are there any resources available to us?

A. You can review the websites below for disaster resources.

 Q: I have questions regarding my financial aid and completing my FAFSA application?

A: Students and parents with questions about their federal student aid can call 1-800-4FEDAID (1-800-433-3243). You may also visit the Office of Financial Aid at your respective school.

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