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Message to Brookdale Residents

Priority: Informational

Dear Brookdale Residents:

It has been nearly two weeks since Hurricane Sandy dealt an unprecedented blow to our city. Unfortunately the Hunter College community has not been spared from this devastation. We lost one of our graduates, the College served as a shelter for  over 200 people displaced from across the city, and our Brookdale campus is in a corridor that was hit very hard by the hurricane. Many of our neighbors, such as  Bellevue Hospital, New York University Hospital, and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, have also been heavily impacted and most, like Hunter Brookdale,  are still  not in operation.  As you know, we have temporarily relocated our nursing, physical therapy, medical lab science, and communication science programs and pre-nursing laboratory classrooms to the 68th street campus.

The College is, of course, acutely aware that with Brookdale still closed, the lives of everyone who was housed in the dormitory facility cannot return to normal. Many of you are struggling with issues of housing, commuting, academic pressure, and a great deal of general stress. We want to assure you once again that, from the moment Brookdale was evacuated; Hunter College has been thoroughly committed to reopening the facility as soon as possible. We have had crews, staff and volunteers working on the facility day and night over the past two weeks both to assess the extent of the damage and begin making the necessary repairs. The many steps needed to get the buildings operational again have been moving along as swiftly as possible and we have begun to restore power to the complex.

It is our goal to reopen the Brookdale dormitory by early to mid-December.  We expect that the work required before we are permitted to allow residents back into the facility, including replacing the backup generator and a mandatory environmental inspection, will be completed by then. We ask for your continuing patience as we move as expeditiously as possible to reopen the dormitory.

We understand that many of you are facing hardships while the dorm remains closed. The College is responding to the many requests for emergency housing, and helping those most in need, especially those who have no families with whom to stay. In addition, President Raab has made  available emergency funds to help students in need during this time. The Office of Student Affairs asks students facing hardship or housing issues, to complete our online form here ( and a college representative will contact you as soon as possible. 

Thank you again for your patience during this difficult time.

Eija Ayravainen
Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Craig Harwood
Director, Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College

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