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Hunter College IRB Members and HRPP Staff

The Hunter College Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office is the point of contact for all researchers (faculty, staff and students) that want to submit a protocol to the CUNY University Integrated (UI) IRB. We are available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the East Building, rm. 1204.

Michael Wood, Ph.D.
CUNY UI-IRB #1 Full-board Member
Dr. Wood  is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology where he teaches courses on consumer behavior, research design and methodology, and marketing for nonprofit organizations.  He has doctorate in Sociology from The University of Texas at Austin. His research interests are in the areas of consumer behavior, social change, culture and consumption. Current research projects focus on social and psychological influences on impulse buying, debt and saving.

Jason Young, Ph.D.
Expedited Reviewer from Hunter College

Dr. Young is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, where he runs the Experimental Social Psychology Laboratory.  He received his PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota, and conducts research on the impact of emotion on judgment and decision-making. Recent projects focus on how dating couples negotiate safer sex as a function of emotional state (including sexual arousal), and the impact of math anxiety on decisions about personal finances.  His teaching interests include Social Psychology, Attitudes and Persuasion, the Psychology of Prediction, and Evolutionary Psychology. 

Andrea Savage, Ph.D.
CUNY UI IRB #2-Full-board Member
Dr Savage is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work and recently stepped down as the Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs. She received her MSW and her PhD in Sociology and Social Work from the University of Michigan. She conducts program evaluation studies in partnership with community agencies.  Her research interests include substance abuse treatment, particularly for women; trauma and co-occurring disorders; organization functioning and effectiveness; the evolution of evidence based practice and its implementation in social work. She is currently working on a study of the adjunct workforce in social work education. She teaches social work research and organizational theory.

Sarah Leon, B.A., CIP
Director of HRPP at Hunter College
Ms. Leon joined the IRB staff in March 2006 as a Research Assistant and assumed the role in April 2011. As the Director of HRPP at Hunter College, she manages the day-to-day activities of the HRPP office and protocols submitted to Hunter College. She acts as the liaison between the HRPP Office, College Officials, the Research Foundation, the CUNY Office of Research Conduct and researchers.  She implements operational polices and procedures, conducts exempt reviews, and monitors the progress of review by IRB members. She facilitates the IRB process by interacting with researchers to offer guidance and pre-review of IRB protocols.

Alyssa Wheeler, B.A.
IRB Specialist

Ms. Wheeler joined the HRPP staff in January 2016. She previously worked in the Office of the Provost with the Undergraduate Research team and in the Department of Psychology as a researcher and project coordinator. Her interests are in the translation and dissemination of empirical research in the area of psychopathology. She is responsible for the pre-review of new and continuing protocols as well as coordinating IRB/HRPP education throughout Hunter College. Ms. Wheeler also assists with exempt reviews and with the progress of review by IRB members of submissions via Ideate.

Alicia CaldwellAlicia Caldwell, B.A.
HRPP Analyst
Ms. Caldwell joined the HRPP staff in December 2018.  She previously worked in the Hunter College Office of Research Administration as an administrative assistant.  Her interest include studies on higher education and student affairs. She prepares approval materials, assists with filing, and with essential record-keeping required by the HRPP office. She is also responsible for the preparation and duplication of documents and for protocols reviewed by the expedited and exempt process. Ms. Caldwell also receives inquires, responds to questions via phone or email and performs other HRPP administrative functions.

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