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Outlook Exchange Migration Project (Phase 3) Overview

Outlook Exchange Migration Project is now in its final stage of implementation as the new internal email system for faculty and staff. The final phase of this project will bring remaining users to the new system and provide assistance with the transition process.

Why is the email system being changed?

The hardware and software of the old email system are no longer supported by the vendor. Additionally, Outlook Exchange offers these benefits:

  • Integrated email, calendar and contacts.
  • Full-featured web browser experience via OWA (Outlook Web App).
  • Support for access by web, mobile and desktop.

Who does this affect?

  • Faculty and staff with a Hunter email account on the old system (Webmail).
  • All remaining departmental, and non-personal accounts on the old system.

How to tell if your email account has been migrated to Outlook Exchange?

  • Your email has not been migrated if you use "" to access your email online.
  • Department offices and heads can contact the project team(see below) to obtain a list of people and accounts from their department that are still on the old system.

What will happen to your email address, emails, contacts, filters, and auto-forwarding?

  • Email addresses will stay the same.
  • Email and contacts stored on the old system will be migrated to Outlook Exchange.
  • Your mailbox filters cannot be migrated and must be recreated in Outlook Exchange. See the Outlook Exchange support website for more information.
  • Auto-forwarding for Outlook Exchange will only be allowed internally within CUNY. (see the 'Transitioning Guide' for more information).

What's Next?

Departments will be contacted by the Project Team to plan and schedule migrations for specific dates over the next few months

You may also contact the project team by email:

For more details about the migration process itself, including what to expect before, during, and after your email migration, please visit our Outlook Exchange Migration Process webpage.

For additional information please visit our Outlook Exchange Migration Transitioning Guide webpage.

For information about the benefits of Outlook Exchange as well as links to resources and support, please visit our Outlook Exchange support website.

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