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Outlook Exchange Migration Transitioning Guide

Check Your Email via the Web

  • If you previously used Webmail for email access, know that you access the Outlook Web App the same way, just go to this URL:
  • It's no problem if you're not on campus during scheduled migration. You can use Outlook Web App from any computer with an internet connection immediately following migration.
  • In OWA the 'Inbox' folder has a small triangle that will disclose sub-folders when clicked. 'Contacts' at lower-left switches the view to the addressbook. 
    Check that your email and contacts have been migrated from Webmail. 

Configuring Outlook Exchange on your desktop and other devices

  • ICIT can help configure supported applications for Outlook Exchange on Hunter and non-Hunter devices, like your smartphone or laptop.
  • If you need assistance configuring your desktop client or other devices to Outlook Exchange, use this web form to schedule post-migration assistance.
  • If your primary computer is off-campus, we can schedule remote or phone assistance following migration.
  • Devices and applications supported for Outlook Exchange include:

    -Outlook 2010, 2011 (Mac), and 2013
    -Apple Mail, iCal and Addressbook on OSX 10.7 or later
    -iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10

Discontinuance of POP and IMAP support

ICIT will only support clients that synchronize the integrated use of email, calendar and contacts. Support is being discontinued for use of POP or IMAP by any client.
Here's why:

  • These protocols do not sync calendar and contacts.
  • POP doesn't sync all emails. Users with multiple computers may end up with mail on some computers but not others.
  • Eudora and Thunderbird are not supported by vendors.
  • If your desktop or device's email client isn't configured correctly, sending email may be problematic. Outlook Exchange configuration sets up sending automatically and securely, which is why it is recommended.

Good to know:
Older email clients (like Eudora or Thunderbird) can still be used after migration to locate emails not stored in the system. Assistance upgrading and transferring these emails to newer clients, like the Outlook desktop application or Apple Mail, will need to be scheduled using the web form:

POP/IMAP protocols will work for unsupported DIY ("do-it-yourself") configuration and use, where upgrade to supported clients is not possible.

Security and spam issues with auto-forwarding

Auto-forwarding email is only permitted within the CUNY domain, meaning from one CUNY email address to another. Here's why:

  • There is a risk of liability when Hunter emails reside on an external email account (such as gmail or yahoo) whose license may include the right to scan and assimilate all email content.
  • Auto-forwarded spam increases the likelihood that all Hunter email will be marked as a "spam source" and then blocked.

Good to know:

  • Want to see all your emails in one place? Smartphones and tablets can access Outlook Exchange anywhere you have a data connection or WiFi access to the Internet.
  • Need a better web user interface? Outlook Web App has near-desktop capability, and the email, contacts, and calendar sync with any device configured for Outlook Exchange.
  • Working at multiple campuses? You can auto-forward to email addresses within the domain.
  • Not enough storage space on the system? Ask for more when you need it. The majority of our users utilize less than the standard storage quota so we save cost by providing additional storage only as necessary.

More information is available on the Outlook Exchange support website.

The TRC is currently offering Outlook Exchange workshops. View the schedule and register at:

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