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CUNY Accounts (CUNY Portal and CUNYfirst) and Hunter College Accounts (Email and NetID)


This walkthrough and its screenshots are specific to students.
Faculty and Staff can also follow the same instructions. The only difference will be selecting "Faculty" or "Staff" rather than "Current Student" on Step 3.


Please Note:  CUNY PortalID (Applicant Account) is different from your CUNYPortalID (Student Account) 

1. CUNY PortalID (Applicant Account) is what you use to apply to CUNY schools.  You need to fill out all the information that they ask you and submit. To find out the process of your Application, you can call the CUNY 212-997- CUNY (2869). Some students was given a Mychoice Account by Admissions Office where you need to click on the option if you will be attending  or Not attending to your email address.

2. After a week that you have accepted and/or paid your comitment deposit for Undergrad Students or if you are registering as a non-degree student,  you will be able to claim for your CUNY Portal (Student Account) and CUNYfirst Account.

3.To Register for Freshman Orientation or Transfer Orientation

4. When you register you students will be able to receive email in their @myHunter email Account (Office 365) and faculty will be able to receive email in their @Hunter email Account(Exchange).

5. NetID account that allows you to login to Wifi, Public Access Computers (PACS), Public Computing Services (PCS) computers, OneCard Account Website to add money onto OneCard account and keeps a record of transactions.

Creating CUNY portal ID (Student Account) which allows you to access your profile to change your primary college in order to view your Degreeworks (formerly DIG) and view your courses on Blackboard. Professors use Blackboard to post announcements, assignments, students can communicate through disscussion boards, their office hours, and email. In order for you to receive messages from the professor, you must make sure that your @myhunter email address is updated in Blackboard

 For CUNY website,, click on the Portal LOG-IN link a list will appear:

  • Log into CUNYfirst
  • Log into CUNY Portal
  • Log into Blackboard

1. To create your PortalID, go to and click on the Portal LOG-IN link:


2. On the following page, click Register for a New Account:

3. On the "New User Registration" Page, click Current Student:

4. After you have selected current student, fill in your personal information to validate that you are a CUNY student:

a.     First Name

b.      Last Name

c.       9-digit Social Security Number  (If you don’t have  a Social Security Number, then you can get your Student ID  Number from the One Stop for Students)

d.      Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) (Make sure you on the keyboard, you type in 2 digit month...forward slash...2 digit day...forward slash...4 digit year)

e.      Click on Next


5. On the "Registration", you'll just be asked to click Confirm if your information is correct.


6. On the "Portal Login/Citizen CUNY" page, you will be asked to choose a username & password, and record what e-mail address will be associated with this PortalID.  (ICIT strongly recommends that you use your Hunter NetID, if possible, as your PortalID username; and your Hunter e-mail address as your listed e-mail address.)

7. Once you have filled out the Username, Password, Password Confirmation, and Email blanks, just click the Save button and you're done!  You will be able to use your PortalID immediately.

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