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CUNY Portal Primary College

What is this about?

The CUNY Portal integrates your academic existences across all the CUNY colleges.  This means that you only have to know one system to register at any CUNY college, for instance.  But because of this combined system, when you log into the Portal and use it to get to eSIMS, you may not be seeing your Hunter-related information.

This will happen if you take courses at more than one CUNY college.  For instance, if you are taking courses both at Hunter and at Lehman, you will need to set your Primary College affiliation to Hunter to register for your Hunter classes, and then modify your Primary College affiliation to Lehman to register for your Lehman classes.

Another possible problem is if your "Primary CUNY Role" is not set to "student" within your CUNY Portal profile.  This often happens if you are employed by a CUNY college, either as a staff member or as a teacher.

How do I know if I need these instructions?

If you log into eSIMS via the CUNY portal, and the blue bar at the top of the screen doesn't say "Hunter College" (it may list another college's name, or it may have no name at all), you will need to follow these instructions before you can use eSIMS.

Alternatively, if you log into eSIMS via the CUNY Portal and the "Registration" link does not appear in the left-hand menu bar, or it is there but you cannot click on it, you will need to follow these instructions before you can use eSIMS.

What do I do?

1. Go to and click on "Portal Log-in/Blackboard/eSIMS".

2.  Put your Portal ID and password in the appropriate blanks to log in.

3. When you are logged in, click the link called "My Profile":

Portal Profile Link Screenshot

4. This will take you to your profile.  Click "Modify" to make changes:

Portal Modify Link Screenshot

5. On the following page, the important thing to do is to change the "Primary College" pull-down menu so that it is set to "Hunter College", and the "Primary CUNY Role" pull-down menu so that it is set to "Student".  (You can change other information if it's not correct, or leave it to another time.)  Click the "Save" button when finished.

Portal Profile Selections Screenshot

6. After you click the Save button, a pop-up window will appear, confirming that your changes will be saved.  Click "OK" to continue:

7.  When the pop-up goes away, click on "Students" link to go back to your Portal page:

Portal MyPage Link Screenshot

8. Click on the eSIMS link to log into eSIMS and continue your registration for classes:

eSIMS Link Screenshot

That's all!  If you still have problems after this point, contact a peer advisor (if you are a first-year student in an orientation session) or the appropriate Help Desk.

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