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CUNYfirst Class Registration Help

This page has a collection of information and answers to common problems to help students with the technology end of registrating for classes.

 Common Registration Problems:


How do I log into CUNYfirst?

You can log into CUNYfirst by going to . If you haven't yet claimed your CUNYfirst account, please select the "First time users" link and claim your account.


How do I register?

Hunter College is now using the "CUNYfirst" website to register for classes.


What do I do if I forgot my CUNYfirst ID or password?

1. Click on:

2. Click on:  "Forgot your password?" link and answer the challenge questions that has been set up when you first claimed your account. If you forgot the answers to the security questions, please select the "First time users" link and re-claim your account.


I can log into CUNYfirst, but I can't register for classes because the date and time has not been specified?

It can be a number of reasons. If you cannot register for classes, but can log into CUNYfirst; please email the Registrar's Office at or call 212-772-4500.


General Tips and Tricks

  • If CUNYfirst tells you that there is a hold on your account, you can click on "Details" on the "Student Center Page"  to find out which department to go to in order to remove the hold. If another school has the hold on your account, you will need to speak to the department at the appropriate school. 
  • If CUNYfirst is not allowing you to register for a course because there is an error stating that you do not have the prerequisites to register for the course, you will need to go to One Stop for Students/ OASIS (Hunter North 217) and show them a screen shot of your course history in order to resolve this issue. 


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