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Formbuilder (Machform)

Formbuilder is on online application (separate from the WebCMS) that allows you to build and manage online forms. No knowledge of HTML is required. You simply log in to the Formbuilder interface and click a button to create a new form. As users complete the form, you can receive email notifications, and the form results will be saved and may be downloaded in an Excel or CSV file. Each Formbuilder site allows you to create an unlimited number of forms, each of which can be customized from a wide range of options.

Some of the features Formbuilder provides:

  • Drag and Drop form creation using over 20 different field types with built in validation and customizable help messages
  • Multi-page forms which display completion progress bars
  • Optional email notification on submission and/or email a receipt to the submitter
  • Controls to quickly enable/disable your form or schedule a time range it will be available for
  • Conditional logic to skip or hide fields or pages based on user selections
  • Export a form's submissions in CSV or Excel format
  • See more features here

A Formbuilder's forms can be easily added to an existing WebCMS site through the use a window object.

Please click here to request a new Formbuilder site for your department.

Note: Formbuilder sites are created for only for departments of Hunter College and are not available for individual use.  Our Formbuilder software is based on Appnitro's Machform.  We have customized it to support Hunter NetID based accounts.

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