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HUNTER-L Mailing List

Hunter-L is an electronic forum created to promote collegial campus discussion, debate, and information exchange. Its success as a listserv depends on a high degree of integrity, civility, and cooperation with the rules governing posting to Hunter-L by all members of the Hunter community. In response to recent requests, the Senate Administrative Committee and the FDA Executive Committee has prepared an update on the policy regarding Hunter-L.

Though the policy of self-policing has, by and large, worked well, discourse on Hunter-L in recent weeks has forced us to issue warnings and in some cases to review the posts of some people writing to the list. We very much wish to return to the past policy of not reviewing postings before they are put up on Hunter-L. We therefore ask everyone to read carefully the following rules. Most, but not all, of these have been posted as policy statements or suggestions in the last year and are repeated here for everyone's convenience.

    • You should not post private e-mails without the permission of the author of the e-mail, nor should you simply repost messages from elsewhere to Hunter-L, especially when the identity of the original author is not clear.
    • When dealing with larger (political) issues, take the time to investigate the facts, provide links to primary sources, and establish a connection as to how this issue may affect us in our roles as members of the Hunter community.
    • Reposts should be limited to informational messages with immediate relevance for Hunter/CUNY (e.g., postings from SENATE-NEWS about BoT hearings/meetings).
    • Postings that mention the names of others in a hostile way, or make references in a derogatory way to ethnicity, race, or religious belief will NOT be tolerated and the list owners reserve the right to remove repeat offenders from the list.

    An important criterion for civility is provided by Robert's Rules of Order, Section 43: "In debate members must confine themselves to the question before the assembly, and avoid personalities. ... It is not allowable to arraign the motives of a member, but the nature or consequences of a measure may be condemned in strong terms. It is not the person, but the measure, that is the subject of debate."


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