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Smart Classrooms

There are a large number of classrooms throughout Hunter College with technology installations. All classrooms with technology have data/video projector mounted to the ceiling and a laptop hookup. Some of them have a lectern with a computer,  VCR, DVD, document camera, microphone and/or speakers as well. These systems are controlled by a single control panel. 

*Please note: You will need an AV cable to connect your laptop to computer projection; in addition, you will need a dongle if you have a Macintosh laptop. You may need a network cable if your classroom is not yet located in the wireless network. All necessary cables may be borrowed for the semester from Classroom Technology Services.

Click on Pixie 1, Pixie 2, Smart Room, Extron (Pixie 2) to find out which rooms and which building has the specified technology.

  • Pixie 1 Enhanced classrooms with Pixie system controls (level 1); you must bring a laptop and/or document camera to use this classroom.*
  • Pixie 2 Enhanced classrooms with Pixie system controls and a computer is located in the classroom (level 2). (Alternatively you may bring your own laptop to use in these rooms.*) 
  • Smart Room Smart classroom with either Crestron or Pixie controls, with a computer, dvd and vcr (please note that DVD/1/2"VHS combo is now a standard equipment), and some classrooms have document camera already installed  (if a classroom you are using doesn't have a document camera you may requested from us) located in this classroom. (Alternatively you may bring your own laptop to use in these rooms.*)
  • Extron (Pixie 2) Enhanced classroom with a Smartboard and/or a projector with a remote control. You must bring a laptop with you to use this classroom.*

For instructions on how to operate the equipment in Art History Smart Classrooms, click here.


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