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There are multiple ways to access your voicemail on your telephone.

The first option is to press the “Voicemail” button on your telephone. *Please keep in mind, this button is not on all versions of the telephone.

The second option, which will work from all phones, is to dial “88”. When entering your extension, please make sure that you dial it with the proper prefix in front of it (please see the campus prefixes below). For example, if your extension is “5555” and you are at the 68th Street Campus, you would dial “15555” as the extension. You must then put in your password for the voicemail. If you do not know the password for the voicemail or if you forgot the password, you can contact the Faculty and Staff Helpdesk at 212–772-HELP (4357) or and they will reset it for you.

If you are using a telephone that belonged to a past employee, all voicemail message changes must be handled by you. If you don’t know the password for the voicemail, contact the Faculty and Staff Helpdesk. At this time, you can also request to change the phone display to reflect your name.

Campus Prefixes

  • 68th Street: 1
  • Silberman 119th Street: 2
  • Roosevelt House: 3
  • Campus Schools(94th St.): 4

To access your voicemail off campus, dial 212-396-MAIL (6245) then the steps will be the same as if you were on campus.

For Telephone and Voicemail Help Guides and Instructions, click here.

To accommodate those people who want to access their voicemail remotely, ICIT has activated a feature which allows people to get voicemail via their internet-connected computer. This service is available at

To log into this secure site, you will need your 5 digit extension (starting with 1) and your voicemail password.

There are many useful features on this site. Here are just two highlights:

  1. Voicemail notification via email: If you enable this feature, the voicemail system will send an email informing you that a voicemail message has arrived to email addresses you specify. It will also add caller ID information for that voicemail, if it is available. This feature can be found under "Personal Settings" on the website. You must enable it to work and you must specify email addresses where the notification is to be sent. 
  2. Hear your voicemail on your computer: Your voicemails are automatically saved in electronic format on the website. You can hear them on a computer that can play sound files. If you click on the voicemail it will be downloaded to your computer. Various audio programs such as iTunes can be used play these messages.  To access this feature open the "Mail Client" on the voicemail website. Voicemails will be found in the inbox. When you open the inbox there will be various options besides just hearing the voicemail. You may save it, delete, forward it, etc.  If you access a message on the computer and do not delete it, it will be moved to the saved file on your phone. The red voicemail light on your phone will then go out until a new voicemail arrives.

Instructions for using display phones and non display phones are also available for download and printing. (Adobe Reader required.)

For information on how to set up your voicemail by telephone, click here.

For information about how to access your voicemail, click here.

For information about to access your voicemail via the Internet, click here.

An on-line training aid called "Phone Guide Live" is available to provide instructions on how to use your telephone as was as how to configure it and use the voicemail system. (Note: the Phone Guide Live site requires that you have installed the Adobe Flash plugin for your web browser. If you don't have the latest version of Flash, go to the Adobe website and click "Get Adobe Flash Player": Adobe Web Site. )

This page has basic commands for Hunter's new voicemail system.  (It contains the same information as the paper "Getting Started" sheet distributed when the new phones were installed.)   For more information, we recommend all users view the online tutorial.

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