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Voicemail Instructions


Accessing your voicemail box

From outside the college

a)  Dial (212) 396- MAIL (6245)

b)  Enter your 5-digit extension (example 14357)

c)  Enter your password and then push #

Note: if you do not know your PIN/ password, please contact the Help Desk and request a reset


Listening to messages

After accessing your voicemail box, follow these instructions.

a)  Press 3 to listen to your messages

b)  Press # to skip the next message or * to fast-forward during the messages

c)  Press 6 to delete the message

d)  To continue press #, If done hang-up


Accessing voicemail from the web-based application (see image below)

a)  Open a web browser type (or click the following link):

b)  Your User ID is your 5-digit extension

c)  Then type in your PIN/ password (the same password used to check your voicemail messages on your desk phone)


Voicemail - Login Dialog Box

Note: if you have never accessed your voicemail through the web-app, you might be prompted to type in a new 8-digit password. This password will only be used this one time


d)  Once you are logged in, you will see a left-side navigation click on "Mail Client" and then "Inbox" (see image below)

e)  In the "Inbox" section click on the message "Subject" to listen

f)  On this screen, you can choose to play it on the computer by clicking on "Play". You can play it on your desk phone or another desk phone on campus by clicking on "Play on Phone" and typing in the 5-digit extension


Voicemail - Left Menu

Note: Depending on which option you choose, click on "Continue" or "Play on Office Phone." Once you have selected an option click on "Play" once more to listen to your messages

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