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Wireless Internet Access

Any member of the Hunter College community (students, faculty, and staff) can use Hunter's wireless network. Simply have your wireless device connect to the network called "hunternet", and then open a web browser. The browser will go directly to an authentication page where you type in your Hunter NetID and password. Once you've done that, you can use the Internet normally.

When in an area of campus that has coverage, turn on your wireless-enabled computer and connect to the network called "hunternet".  Once your computer tells you that you are connected, open a web browser.  You'll be taken to an authentication page.  Use your Hunter NetID and password to authenticate.  After that, you're free to browse!

If you are having problems connecting to the wireless network, please see our Hunter Wireless Network FAQ

Data Network

Hunter has an extensive data network which includes a combination of wired and wireless networks.

Currently we have 10/100 switches deployed to all data closets in all buildings. We also have private gigabit networks installed in Geography, Film & Media, and Biology departments.

A/B/G wireless is deployed throughout the campus. All wireless access is authenticated via Aruba Wireless controllers. We are in the process of testing and deploying N wireless Access points to select locations for testing.

Plans for the future of the network include deployment of Network Access Control and full deployment of N wireless and Gigabit switches to data closets. The ICIT Data center upgrade is in progress and will provide a full 10-gigabit cable fiber backbone and full-gigabit  Category 6A copper connections.

WAN Services 

All campuses connect to the internet through 68th streets NYSERNET fiber ring to CUNY. Currently the campuses are connected via Verizon ELAN service: 100M to 68th street, 100M to 25th street, 100M to 94th Street, and 10M to 79th Street. The 41st campus connects to 68th street via a point to point T1 connection.

Future plans call for upgrading intercampus connectivity through EVPL circuits which will provide QOS and dedicated bandwidth  for Voice/Data/Video. This will be through a Gigabit connection to 68th street and 100M to 25th and 94th. We will also provide 100M EVPL to Roosevelt House upon completion of the renovations. M79th street will be a 10M EVPL and 41st street will remain a T1. 

Details about other Hunter Campuses will be added at a later date.

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