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What You Need to Know about The "Heartbleed Bug"

You may have heard recent reports of the discovery of a serious vulnerability in Internet security. The threat, known as the "Heartbleed Bug," was discovered in a popular encryption software called "OpenSSL," which is used to encrypt secure communications between a user's computer and a web server (pages that start with "https").

Hunter has fixed this problem by applying a "patch" to all of our secure web applications and systems.

Although this bug did not become publicly recognized until this week, it has been in existence since December 2011. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you change your Hunter NetID password.

To change your Hunter NetID password:

  1. Go to the Hunter College homepage.
  2. Select: "Hunter Login (NetID)" under "Services" in the right-hand navigation bar.
  3. Log in to NETID Central with your NetID and password.
  4. Follow the "Click here to change your password" link.
  5. Type in your new password and retype it to confirm.
  6. Click on the "Change" button.
  7. Your password is now successfully changed.

If you need help changing your password, please contact the helpdesk at or call 212-772-4357.

After you change your NetID password, use the new password everywhere you log into with your NetID. For example, because your NetID password is also your Hunter email password, you will need to log into your email clients with the new password, be it on your desktop, web mail or your mobile device. Remember to also use your new NetID password with all other applications that use your NetID password-signing on to Hunter's wireless network, using Hunter Library services, etc.

For more information about the Heartbleed Bug, visit To check whether a non-Hunter website you are using was vulnerable to a Heartbleed attack, you can either contact that website's vendor or check  Mashable Heartbleed Bug Hit List or CNET HeartBleed Status. If the website was in fact vulnerable, or if it's unclear, then change your password for that site immediately.

Legitimate email from Hunter College will NEVER ask you to click on a link to change your password nor ask you for your password or other personal information. You should only change your NetID password by going to the Hunter College website and following the instructions listed above. 

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