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Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet

Week 3: October 16-20, 2017

Smart cities, connected devices, digitized records, as well as smart cars and homes have become a new reality. Week 3 reminds citizens that their personal information is the fuel that makes smart devices work. While the benefits of this technology are tremendous, it is also critical to understand how to use these cutting-edge innovations in safe and secure ways.


Tomorrows Internet


First off, what is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Simply put, the internet of things (IoT) are smart devices that are connected to the internet which collect, analyze and share data like FitBits, Apple Watches, security Cameras, bluetooth Thermostats, etc. Once the data is collected, these devices can build a pattern based on your behavior and make suggestions based on that.

If you told your Apple Watch that you wanted to increase your daily steps, it will remind you that you need to get up and take 7,000 more steps to meet your daily goal.

The responsibility of IoT security is shared between developers, IT departments and YOU! Security is as much a responsibility on IT professionals as it is on you, remember, make things harder for intruders to access.


“IDC Research says there are around 13 billion connected devices in use worldwide already, and that number could expand to 30 billion within the next three years.”

-Jon Gold, Network World (2017)


While IoT does provides us with automation, which in turn makes life easier, there is a potential for security breaches, hacks and other malicious attacks. As the user, you are able to offer security to your devices by following these tips:

  • Two Factor Authentication: Goes beyond the traditional username and password. This requires the user to (for example) provide an answer to a question only the user would know.
  • Updates: Update your device O/S, antivirus, malware and other security software. These updates are set in place to secure potential risks and breaches.
  • Encryption: The act of scrambling sensitive information so that it becomes unreadable to everyone except the intended recipient.


  • Be Aware: Trust your gut instincts when something seems fishy and if you’re still unsure, reach out to our Help Desk for support.


Few links to read further on the IoT:


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