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Protect Gear

Top 5 Tips

1. Password Protect Your Devices

  • This prevents unauthorized access to your system.
  • Lock your screen whenever you leave your device.
  • Encrypt laptops, mobile devices, tablets, usb flash drives, external hard drives...

Protecting Portable Devices

2. Keep Your System Updated

  • Turn on automatic updates for your device to keep up-to-date with the latest security patches (antivirus, operating systems, and application software).

3. Lock it Up

Lock it up
  • Whenever practical, lock your devices in a safe and secure place to discourage thieves.
  • If cellphones and other devices are kept physically out of sight and secured, it is less likely for anyone to think of any malicious behavior (especially while traveling!).

4. Use Anti-virus Software

  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware software will protect your computer from known malicious software.
  • McAfee anti-virus software is a FREE download for all CUNY faculty and staff. Download McAfee anti-virus software by logging into your CUNY portal account. Once you have logged in, the CUNY eMall link will be located on top of the web page between Library Services link and Help link.

5. Be careful what networks you join

  • When on campus please log on to HunterNet for wifi. You will be sent to a web page to log on with your NetID. If you are unable to log on, contact the Helpdesk.
  • Using unsecured wifi can allow intruders to access your information.
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