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Protect Myself

Top 5 Tips

1. Be password savvy

  • Don’t share or reuse passwords
  • We encourage the use of hard-to-guess passwords or pass phrases.
  • Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts
  • Do not write them down

Password Tips

2. Be careful what you reveal

  • Hunter and CUNY will never ask you for personal information (such as Social Security number, credit card information, passwords, etc).
  • When completing forms or posting on social networking sites, be careful about what you reveal and to whom you reveal it.

Phishing and spam information

3. Don't get "phished"

"Check it before you Click it"

  • Don’t respond to emails or phone calls requesting confidential Information, especially if unsolicited. Remember it is OK to say NO.
  • Always ask for a contact name and phone number to return the call after you have verified and researched their legitimacy.
  • Avoid following links in emails. Don’t click on unknown links! Instead navigate from the official website.

Report an incident

3. When in doubt, ask an Expert

  • When you are not sure if you’ve been compromised or how to further protect yourself, contact the ICIT Help Desk. We are here to assist the Hunter College community in learning as much as possible on how to protect yourself.

Get Help

4. Act responsibly and ethically

  • Never use Hunter College or CUNY resources for commercial purposes or to conduct illegal activity.

CUNY Policy on Acceptable use of Computer Resources

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