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Protect Work

Top 5 Tips

1. Always use strong passwords

  • Stronger passwords are harder to guess therefore increasing security
  • Don’t leave passwords on post-it-notes or write them in notebooks
  • Change passwords regularly

Password Tips

2. “Lock it when you Leave it”

  • Your work may contain sensitive information and it is your responsibility to keep it safe, especially in a shared workspace. Lock your computer and mobile device screen or log off if you are stepping away.
  • Never leave sensitive information open, unattended and/or unprotected.

3. Protect your personal information

  • Don’t leave your social network sites open to others, they can post unauthorized information about you.
  • Be careful what you post online. Self-censor your information. Remember, once you post it... it's out there forever!
  • Be wary of who you friend online, there is a lot of personal information hackers can get from your online presence.
  • Never share your CUNYFirst, NETID, Blackboard/CUNY Portal and other passwords with anyone.

4. Back up critical files

  • Always make a copy of critical files so you won't suffer a catastrophic data loss. Make sure the copy is kept in a secure location.
  • When using Hunter College hardware to work on papers and/or homework that may have your personal information make sure to save it on a USB flash drive and/or send it to your email. Then proceed to delete it from the computer.
  • Act responsibly and ethically.

5. Stay up to date with Cyber-Security

  • Refer to Hunter College’s IT Security page for updates on any campus wide news and issues.
  • Take the time to research more on cyber security, we live in a technological dependent age and the more you know the better equipped to deal with issues you are.
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