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“Staying Protected While Always Connected”

Protect Myself Protect My Work Protect My Gear

Know and Use Your Settings

Are you a social media network user? Understand and adjust your settings so you only share with people you know and trust. This means posts, geo-tagging, photo uploading, profiles, etc.

Don't be Overly-Social

Social media sites are great for sharing important events with your friends, but you need to be sure you're not over-sharing. Configure your social sites so only your friends can see posts, photos, and so on. Think twice before posting "hilarious" selfies that might prove embarrassing when you're done with school and applying for a job. Consider, too, that posting your plans for the evening for the public at large to read might reveal your location to someone who might not have your best interests at heart.

Backup Data

Saving important data like term papers, reports, theses, etc. is critically important, particularly given the growing risk of malware and threats. The best advice is to back up often, encrypt your device, and educate yourselves on ways to Protect Portable Devices.

Security Training

All students are encouraged to participate in a 30-minute security awareness program.

Stay Informed

Subscribe to email alerts specific to the Hunter College community. See the ICIT Security Notices web app at for a list of alerts and attacks that students, faculty and staff at the college should know about.

Anti-virus Software

The software is a FREE download for all CUNY students. Download McAfee anti-virus software by logging into your CUNY portal account. Once you have logged in, the CUNY eMall link will be located on top of the web page between Library Services link and Help link. More CUNY eMall Information can be helpful in this process or if you are having having trouble logging in, click here to get help.

Avoid Scams

A legitimate email from Hunter College will NEVER ask you to click on a link to change your password nor ask you for your password or other personal information. You should manage your NetID and CUNYfirst credentials only by going to the Hunter or CUNY websites.

If you have accidentally responded or clicked on a link that asks for personal information please contact the Hunter College Help Desk. If you unintentionally disclosed any passwords change them immediately.



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